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What are the different pronoun options and how would I use them? 


He, him, his, himselfHim: "He is a writer and wrote that book himself. Those ideas are his. I like both him and his ideas."

No Pronouns (Use My Name): "Alex is a writer and wrote that book. Those ideas are Alex's. I like both Alex and Alex's ideas."

She, her, hers, herselfHer: "She is a writer and wrote that book herself. Those ideas are hers. I like both her and her ideas."

They, them, theirs, themselfThem: "They are a writer and wrote that book themself. Those ideas are theirs. I like both them and their ideas."

Ze, hir, hirs, hirselfHir: "Ze is a writer and wrote that book hirself. Those ideas are hirs. I like both hir and hir ideas."

She/They or He/They: Some people have a fluid usage for their pronouns and alternate between them. See above for examples of how they are used individually.

Ask me: This option can be used if you do not want to enter in MySlice and would like to be asked what your Pronouns are. “Ask me” can also be selected if you use pronouns that are not listed in the current set, you use mixed sets of pronouns (for example, “she/they,” or “he/ze”), or have a fluid usage of pronouns.