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  1. In the Control Panel, go to Evaluation.
  2. Click on Course Reports.
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  3. Choose the report you would like to run by highlighting over the drop down menu to the right of the name of the report and select "run".
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    1. You will be presented with the format you would like the report in.
    2. Do not select any user even if you are only interested in a single user or a select few. If you do, the report does not run correctly.
    3. Change the default dates
      Run Report OptionsImage Modified
  4. The report should run correctly giving you the statistics for all users.

    • The report will take a few moments to process        
    • A pop up window will appear with the report
    • In the main window, Select either Save, Download or Run
      • Save will save the report to the Content Collection area
      • Download will prompt you to save the file to your computer (Recommended)
      • Run will delete this report and prompt you to run a new report