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We have created a macro for quickly deploying an issue collector in your Answers page. When editing the Answers page the the 'Jira Issue Collector Button' macro.

Server URL: Default is ''

Collector ID: Found in the URL of the collector or in the embed HTML code


. Eight alpha-numeric, for example:

  • Browser URL:!default.jspa?projectKey=AASCSYS&collectorId=a0c45db9
  • Embedded HTML code: collectorId=a0c45db9

Populate Logged in User: Prefills the Name and Email fields with the identity of the logged in user from Answers

Default Summary:

Append Username to End of Summary:

Get Ticket From Query String:

Ticket Custom Field Name:

Additional Default Field Values:

Button Text: Customize the button text

Button Type: Primary, Secondary, or Subtle. Default is Primary

  • Primary - Colored button
  • Secondary - Outlined button with colored link
  • Subtle - No outline button until hovered with colored link

Button AlignmentLeft, center or right. Default is Left

Environment Variable is a function:

Display an Issue Collector in a Web Page