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This page provides consolidated information and advice for School of Architecture Faculty and Teaching Assistants on the tools and techniques available to deliver teaching and learning in the event that:

  1.  Faculty or TAs have self-isolated and need to deliver teaching remotely or
  2.  Students have self-isolated and need to be taught remotely.

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You can continue to teach and support your students online with different methods, including through synchronous live sessions, through providing materials and activities that students can interact with asynchronously; or a blend of both. This quick guide aims to help you decide the delivery method that can best benefit the learning experience of your students. 


Rapid Online Course Development Guide - Syracuse University

Going Online in a Hurry: What to Do and Where to Start - The Chronicle of Higher Education



Blackboard Learn and Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is the recommended learning management system and web conferencing platform by Syracuse University. Please let your students know which platform you are using for your class.

Note: The table below provides suggestions and alternatives (with how-tos) for different teaching activities. The Useful Links section can help you find answers to other questions you may have.

Teaching activitySuggested alternatives and links to guidance (Synchronous/Asynchronous/Blended)
  • Make your course available and update your Blackboard courses regularly.
  • How will you conduct office hours?
  • Set up a Discussion Board to answer any FAQs, and use this to communicate with and respond to your students.
  • If applicable, use Announcements to let students know when you will be online or alert students of alternate activities to avoid lots of individual emails.
Seminar and tutorial
Collaboration and group discussion
  • Set up a Group Discussion Board to promote peer reflection on that activity in Blackboard.
  • Set up Student Groups on your course to allow smaller groups of students to work together.
Share content and files
Student activity

Note:  Please review the short guides below before creating and running your first Collaborate Ultra session.

Technology Support

Online delivery and learning are dependent on individual computer set up, speed of one’s internet connection and location. Wherever possible, faculty and students are advised to use a wired, stable, high-speed internet connection.

Note: Please contact or stop by Slocum 001 before you plan to teach remotely; it's important to make sure all of your technology are functioning correctly and up to date.

  • Questions regarding computing support or recommendations: email Architecture IT support at
  • Blackboard specific questions:  email Central Blackboard support at

Available Hardware

  • Logitech headset mic
  • MXL tabletop conference mic
  • Ethernet (network) adapter/cable
  • IPEVO digital document camera (streaming capable)
  • Wacom drawing tablet
  • Web conference kit (for use in Slocum) - includes webcam, headset mic, conference mic, ethernet adapter, ethernet cable

System Live Status

Other Tools

Disclaimer: We cannot stop you from using other tools that are not supported by SU. Please use such tools at your own risk. SU's accessibility requirements still apply.





Campus Supported


Google Meet (formally Hangouts)

Web conferencing, screen sharingWeb App

Campus (

Microsoft TeamsWeb conferencing, screen sharingDesktop/Web AppCampus (
ZoomWeb conferencing, screen sharingDesktop AppCampus (
Microsoft WhiteboardFree-form drawing, digital canvas Desktop/Web AppCampus (
Adobe Acrobat Pro DCView, edit, annotate PDFsDesktop AppCampus (
PlaypositCourse developmentDesktop AppCampus (
macOS PreviewView, annotate PDFsDesktop AppMacYESHow-to
Microsoft EdgeView, annotate PDFsDesktop AppWindowsYESHow-to
Google DriveFile-sharingDesktop/Web AppCampus (
One DriveFile-sharingDesktop/Web AppCampus (
Firefox SendFile-sharingWeb App
WetransferFile-sharingWeb App
KamiView, annotate PDFsWeb App
ConceptboardVisual CollaborationWeb App
Voice ThreadVisual CollaborationWeb App
MiroVisual CollaborationWeb/ Desktop App
MuralVisual CollaborationWeb App
KahootQuiz/survey learning toolsWeb/Mobile App

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