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External/Guest users can be added to a Microsoft Teams Team to collaborate with Syracuse affiliated users.  Anyone can be added to a Team via their email address.

External/Guest User Experience

  • An External/Guest user invited to be part of a Team will receive an email notifying them of the invitation
    Teams Invite Email - Outlook User
  • The individual will follow the link 'Open Microsoft Teams', which will open in their default browser
  • They will be prompted to open it in the desktop app or within the browser
    Browser Prompt
  • After selected preferred method to access Teams, the user will be prompted to login with a Microsoft Account.  If no Microsoft Account exists, one can be created
  • After successful login, the guest will be prompted with a basic introduction to Teams
    Welcome Information

Teams with External/Guest User Notice

After an external/guest user has joined your Team, the top right of the Teams window will display a notice that guest user(s) have joined.

External/Guest User Permissions

External/guest users can do many of the same functions within a Team as someone with an active University affiliation.  Permissions as provided by Microsoft.

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