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Join a Meeting as a Guest/External User

  • Schedule your meeting including a non SU individual using their email address - follow these instructions to learn how
  • All invited individuals will receive your meeting invite which includes a link to 'Join Microsoft Teams Meeting' in the body of the message

    GMail Meeting Invitation Example
  • At the time of the meeting, invited users will click the link 'Join Microsoft Teams Meeting'
  • The link will open the default web browser, the user can select to download the app or join on the web
    Default Browser Join Prompt
  • It is recommended to click on 'Join on the web instead' to simplify connection
  • Individual will be prompted to enter their name and configure their webcam and mic (shown disabled)
    Pre Meeting Join Config
  • The meeting host will be prompted that someone has entered the meeting lobby (unless this was disabled) before they'll be allowed to join, while waiting the screen will show the following
    The Teams meeting host will let you into the meeting soon

Host View Allowing an External/Guest User

  • On the host's view of the Teams meeting, click on the check mark next to the user's name to allow them to join the meeting

    Host side of Teams meeting

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