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Tutor Matching Service (TMS) partners with many colleges and universities across the country, including Syracuse University, to create a web-based list of certified private tutors. TMS helps students find, schedule, and book quality tutors for in-person or online tutoring sessions across a broad range of academic subjects. Once you find a tutor, the TMS website or app allow you to seamlessly schedule, book, and pay, so you can spend less time searching for a tutor and more time studying. TMS enables students to leave ratings and feedback for tutors after their sessions. Many departments within Syracuse University utilize TMS vouchers to help cover the cost of a certified private tutor on TMS.

If the Student.....

  1. Self-identifies as having increasing challenges within particular course
  2. Is identified by faculty as having increasing difficulty with course materials (either OS or another way, like via email)

Have a one-on-one conversation with the Student and discuss possible challenges that are interfering with student ability to be successful:

  • If attendance, then they should go to class
  • If missing assignments, explore the reason for it (could be difficulty with material, or just lack of interest, or issues with time management)
  • If suspected or documented disability, connect student with the Office of Disability Services
  • If attendance or procrastination are not an issue, explore if student is aware of, and has he already tried, the following:
    • Office hours with faculty or TA
    • Math clinics (if applicable) or any other support service offered by department
    • Small group tutoring through CLASS (check for a list of courses and schedule for these sessions. If student responds affirmatively, you can ask for student to show attendance log from their MyT account)
    • The course is not supported by CLASS or any departmental effort

If student has tried a few of the options mentioned, but is still in need of additional support, we could offer them the possibility of a voucher for one-on-one tutoring.

If student takes advantage of the opportunity and might benefit from further one-on-one tutoring, we could consider offering a second voucher

Advisor approves student to get a voucher. 

Advisor requests a voucher via e-mail to Ann Marie McGinnis at with the following information:

  • Student SUID#
  • Full name
  • Major
  • Email address
  • Course in which student is having difficulty, to request that a voucher code is issued to the student
  • Email subject: TMS VOUCHER REQUEST

Ann Marie will release a voucher number to the student via email, and Cc: the advisor


  • Free small group tutoring through CLASS should be highlighted over TMS
  • Math clinics are now offered through CLASS
  • CLASS has offered group tutoring session with native speakers of Mandarin for the following courses: ECN 101, PSY 205, MAT 221, MAT 295; check with CLASS for current list of courses
  • CLASS is looking to hire bilingual students as tutors: Application available on Handshake. You can offer this option to students that have been successful on traditionally difficult courses, or specialty courses
  • CLASS will be offering a few workshops on specific topics, such as support on math to be successful on chemistry courses, for example.  Available workshops will be listed on MyT website
  • The sooner the student/advisor team identifies the challenge and seek/propose help, the better the outcome
  • If students have had difficulty in a particular class, and their program requires to take a sequence, advisor should recommend student takes advantage of small group tutoring with CLASS from the start of the semester (preventative instead of remedial)
  • A voucher usually covers almost two sessions of one-on-one tutoring through TMS. There might be a small portion that the student has to cover.

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