Course Description

Definition, development, and management of databases for information systems. Data analysis techniques, data modeling, and schema design. Query languages and search specifications. Overview of file organization for databases. Data administration concepts and skills. 



Professor of Record

Michael Fudge


This is an introductory course and requires no prior knowledge in the subject area. 

Learning Objectives

After taking this course, students will be able to: 

  1. Describe fundamental data and database concepts including various storage models.
  2. Explain and use the database development lifecycle and data models.
  3. Analyze business problems and design and implement appropriate data-oriented solutions using the relational data storage model.
  4. Solve problems by constructing database objects and queries using the SQL language.
  5. Identify performance and data integrity improvements of existing database designs and implementations.
  6. Evaluate and select approaches for data migrations, temporal data, and data normalization.
  7. Critique the effectiveness of DBMS in computer information systems.

Course Syllabi

IST 659 Fall 2021 Semester Syllabus- Michael Fudge

IST 659 Fall 2021 Semester Syllabus- Jillian Lando

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