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Below you will find an example routine for teaching within Hinds Hall in a 'Hybrid' (split in person and online) manner. There are a number of links to additional resources and considerations throughout.

Start of Class

  • Clean the Teaching Station
  • Coordinate any PPE or cleaning supplies for students to use as they get situated.
  • Ensure the PC is powered on.
  • Start the AV Technology in the room. (Instructions for each room in Hinds Hall can be found under iSchool Spaces. Outside of Hinds Hall please reference this Classroom Resource Guide.)
  • Log In to the computer with your NETID and Password.
  • Sync your Headset (Instructions are on your room page under iSchool Spaces or can be found here), and then put it on!
  • Setup the online component of your Hybrid lecture. (Teams, Zoom, Collaborate)
    • Upload any files you intend on disseminating in person. 
    • Confirm your headset, the room camera are the sources being used in your session: Teams, Zoom, Collaborate.
    • Screen share your primary desktop.
    • Move the Teams/Collaborate/Zoom to the secondary screen or minimize it.
    • Ensure your FA/TA is also setup and ready to assist with classroom management --either in person or as an online participant themselves.
  • Have clear instructions on the role of the FA/TA. Communicate that role to the students as well.
    • Are they there to inform you when a remote student has a question? Or, do you want them to try to answer it?
    • Does the TA support any students in the room, or are they only on the call and focused on managing the online portion of the class?
  • Be cognizant of your Room Occupancies with Social Distancing Requirements in Place and ensure you're not over these guidelines before class starts.
  • Start your meeting recording (if you are going to record your session).

During Class

  • Present from your primary screen as you would normally.

  • Ensure any video content you play is linked to for remote viewers to watch locally.
  • Split your question/support time between in person and remote questions.
  • Have a method in which you can easily see issue being brought to your attention by the FA/TA. (A direct message, text message to your phone, eye contact across the room..something.)

End of  Class

  • End any active recording and then end your Teams/Zoom/Collaborate session. 
  • Sign out of the computer. Do not shutdown or restart, that can trigger updates and be inconvenient to the next instructor.
    • Clean up equipment
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