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To save your Zoom recordings for a longer time, it is recommended that users save their recordings and then host them on our Ensemble video hosting site. Professors can then share these recordings in their Blackboard class through the LTI.

Save and Share Zoom Recordings in Blackboard

  1. In your Zoom session, you can either save your Recording to the Cloud or Download it directly to your device. (if you record straight to your device, skip to step #5)

    Zoom recording options

  2. If you save the recording to your cloud storage, when you are done with your online session, you can go into your account and download it to your device.

    Meetings Option

    Record Screen

  3. Once you are in the Recorded screen, you can find your session recording and select the first option, Shared screen with speaker view, this file includes the audio and video as an MP4. Select the download icon.

    Recording Screen

  4. By default, your video should save to your Downloads folder. Now you have an MP4 file we can upload to Ensemble.

    File Image

  5. Go to Syracuse's Ensemble Video site and log in. 
    • If you can not log in or are told it does not recognize your information, please email and  ITS will create an account for you.

  6. Once you are in Ensemble, select the Add button.


  7.  In the screen, the only information required is the name of the video. Once you give it a title (it can be edited later), select Continue.

    Ensemble Edit Screen

  8. In the Manage tab, select Add Files and add your video from Zoom (You can also drag the file and drop it into the Upload Box). Select Start Upload to upload the file to your account. You must wait until it hits 100% before you can select Continue.
    Start Upload Screen

  9. In the Publish area, all you have to do is select Publish and your video will transcode and Publish automatically. (It usually takes as long to render as the video is length)


  10. Once the video is published, you can go to your class on Blackboard 

  11. In your blackboard class, select a content area then select the Build Content tab at the top of the page. In the Build Content tab, select the Ensemble Video LTI option.

    Ensemble Video LTI option

  12. It may ask you to log in to Ensemble, if you are already logged in on another screen, it will jump right to showing your Library. 

  13. Find the video you want to use and select the Choose button.

    Ensemble choose option

  14. This will then give you the option to make it a link or embed the video player right in Blackboard. (We recommend to have the video play in Blackboard)

    Ensemble video option screen

  15. If you chose the Video Player Option, it will show the video:

    Blackboard's Ensemble preview image of Zoom

  16. Now the Zoom recording is in your Blackboard class. 

  17. Please email us if you have any questions at 


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