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Under the direction of the Office of the Vice President for Information Technology, the charge of this Council is to have oversight of the ICT Accessibility policy, related processes, procedures, roles and responsibilities, and to review the policy.


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For questions or comments please contact

To all AICTPC members, please use to share communications within the Council. 


AICTPC Agendas and Minutes


Accessibility Procurement Review Committee (APRC)


ICT Accessibility Policy

Procurement of Accessible ICT Products and Services PAICT

University Adopts Disability External Review Committee's Phase One Recommendations (SU News)

Resource Library (Restricted)

Working Google Doc for ICT Accessibility Policy

Draft Standards Table for AICTPC

Table of Recommendations

RecommendationTypePolicy Section

Sequence of Review

Outcome (adopt/defer/modify)

Recommendation 1: Do not revert to a limited web accessibility policy. 

Policy1 - General StatementA

Accepted and Agreed

Recommendation 2: Explicitly add faculty and staff obligations to the policy, as well as adding tertiary links to other relevant University policies. 

Policy4 - To Whom Does This Apply & 5.A.1 - ComplianceDNote: May need to add a sub-bullet

Recommendation 3: Embed vendor obligations and tertiary links in the ICT Policy, where the language is applicable to all purchases and is consistent with other procedures and policies across the campus. 

Policy5.A.1 ProceduresC

Recommendation 5: Add updates to the policy regarding any roles or committees, as determined/recommended by HirePotential.

Policy5.C - Policy ReviewA

Edit Section 5.C of the Policy to include the AICTPC as a formal working group

  • Augment to add the working groups and their charges (AAC, ACC, AICTPC)
  • Define the AICTPC to include members of the Disability Community Group (DCG), membership affiliations, Inclusive Leadership Assembly (ILA)
  • Review every 2 years (min) not to exceed 5 years

Recommendation 6: Follow peer and/or other institutions’ guidelines by making a table with relevant standards, as appropriate.

Policy5.B -Definitions, Standards, and GuidelinesBAdopted this recommendation and drafted the table of relevant standards.

Recommendation 7: The University intends to continue to use WCAG 2.1 AA for new purchases; SU will fall back to WCAG 2.0 AA for existing products and services, until the next ICTAP policy review.  

Policy5.B -Definitions, Standards, and Guidelines

Recommendation 8: Add a progressive standards intent table that includes historical citation dates.

Policy5.B -Definitions, Standards, and GuidelinesB

Recommendation 9: Establish a legacy software expectations schedule—with timelines specified—explaining the deadlines by which currently non-compliant legacy software is to be brought into compliance.  

Policy5.B -Definitions, Standards, and GuidelinesB
Recommendation 10: Include examples of indirect, contracted ICT products and services that must adhere to the policy. Policy5.A.1 ProceduresC
Recommendation 11: Rely on property management building codes, as they relate to ADA specifications for embedded building maintenance and monitoring equipment, and make the evaluation exempt from the policy. Policy

3 - Exclusions & 5.B -Definitions, Standards, and Guidelines

Recommendation 12: Provide alternative access examples in the policy for reference purposes.  Policy4 - To Whom Does This Apply & 5.A.1 - Compliance (Maybe 5.B - Definitions)D
Recommendation 13: Define staff responsibilities in the policy so that appointed/assigned individuals know they are responsible for understanding how to apply this policy to all technology resources that they create, maintain, procure, or publish. Policy

4 - To Whom Does This Apply & 5.A.1 - Compliance

(Maybe 5.B - Definitions)


Recommendation 14: In the policy, increase the emphasis on faculty’s inclusive teaching and student learning responsibilities, and foster a broader awareness by cross-linking to additional faculty-related policies.


4 - To Whom Does This Apply & 5.A.1 - Compliance

(Maybe 5.B - Definitions)


Recommendation 15: Explicitly include a vendor section documenting expectations concerning the procurement process and product and services deliverables; importantly, we are anticipating increased staffing to provide ICT consulting to the Purchaser and Vendor. 

Policy5.A.1 ProceduresC

Recommendation 23: To avoid the risk of procuring inaccessible products or services, the policy should include a purchasing process requirements table, similar to the draft version (in report).

Policy5.A.1 ProceduresC
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