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Budget Administrator steps for Fellowships and Stipends

  • Budget Administrator receives the request for a stipend or fellowship from the Research Coordinator or Academic Support Coordinator who will have where they want it charged.
  • Use the “Stipend Payment Request” form located here.
  • Check the project/program to ensure the fellowship/stipend meets any restrictions.
  • Check the project/program that there is adequate funding to cover the stipend/fellowship
  • Fill out the form will all of the necessary information.
  • Have a Physics authorized signer sign for the chartstring.
  • Scan and email a copy to the for Logging.
  • If chartstring is sponsored send the stipend to Sponsored Accounting at 211 Lyman Hall, if a Restricted chartstring send to Restricted Accounting at Skytop Offices, all fund 11 chartstring send to Disbursements at Skytop Offices.
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