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Budget Administrator steps for Fellowships and Stipends

  • Budget Administrator receives the request for a stipend or fellowship from the Research Coordinator or Academic Support Coordinator who will provide the chart string for the stipend sheet.
  • Use the “Stipend Payment Request” form located here.
  • Check the project/program to ensure the fellowship/stipend meets any restrictions.
  • Check the project/program that there is adequate funding to cover the stipend/fellowship
  • Fill out the form with all of the necessary information.  
    • Under Stipend chartstring, put the whole chartstring
    • Under Requested by, Put name of person filling out the form
    • The authorized signer is the Physics Budget Manager
    • The authorized Sponsored Award Signer  is Toni Besaw
    • Under,  If Sponsored Reason for Payment, put the name of the Fellowship.
    • For section on recipient required to perform services for stipend, it is typically no, since it is a fellowship.
    • Fill in the (SU ID, Last name  First name, work requirement, status, monthly amount, # of payments, payment month ) for every month the fellow is receiving a stipend
    • Add your name and contact information as person filling out the form.
    • After you get Physics Budget Manager signature, save a copy of the signed PDF 
    • Email to:  
      • Sponsored Accounting 
      • Copy: 
        • Phyadmin for logging
        • Graduate Award <>
        •  Academic Support <>
  • *NOTE:  If a student/fellow is on a stipend, and is taking fewer than nine credits in a semester,   in addition to the Stipend Sheet, you may have to fill out a  Full Time Status Form (send to )and/or Syracuse University Graduate Scholarship Form  (send to A&S for approval.)   
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