Please check with your school/college first to see if they are using Handshake to collect internship information.

Request an Experience (Internship) (as a Student)

  1. Student Submits an Experience - student receives a job offer (through Handshake or not) and submits the details by creating a new Experience in Handshake

    1. How to Request an Experience (as a student)

  2. Uploading and attachment to an experienceIf you've created an Experience and need to add any relevant documents for approvers or Career Services staff to review, use this article to learn how to upload an attachment.

    1. How to add an attachment to an experience

  3. Tracking your experience - If you've submitted an Experience through Handshake, you can use this article to check the status of your Experience as it moves through the approval process!

    1. How to track your experience

  4. How to add learning objectives to an experienceIf you've submitted an Experience in Handshake, you have the ability to add multiple learning objectives to it. These will need to be reviewed and approved by all three parties involved in the experience: yourself as the student, your career services, and your employer. 

    1. How to add learning objectives to an experience