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Setup and Configuration Assistance

Does a Student Organization set up its own computer equipment or devices?

They can, although Technical Services can provide assistance if desired. Technical Services will need to be contacted for any device that is to be connected to the university network as those devices must be registered ahead of time and have all system updates applied after connected to the network. For large deployments of PC’s and laptops (e.g Dell and Apple computers), Technical Services can add the computer to the university’s Active Directory environment. This will allow for deployment of university-standard software (e.g. Microsoft Office) and allow for easier system updates.

Can ESE Technical Services provide assistance with software configuration?

Basic assistance for applications that are included in the standard University environment will be provided. Whenever possible, Technical Services will provide training materials to help student organizations get acquainted with this type of software. Technical Services will also provide guidance on configuring software for use within the University's computing environment.  Separate arrangements should be made with Technical Services for more intensive training or for assistance with specialized applications that are not within the standard environment.


Will ESE Technical Services troubleshoot problems with computers or other technology for a Student Organization?

Yes. For standard computer configurations and common devices, Technical Services can assist student organizations with troubleshooting problems. For non-standard devices Technical Services will attempt to assist the student organization if the problem is within its area of expertise. Please note: ESE Technical Services will not be able to assist students in troubleshooting problems with personally-owned computers; even if they are being used for student organization business. For personally-owned PC's, we recommend contacting ITS via email at or by visiting anITS Service Center.

How are warranty repairs for computers handled?

Technical Services recommends that student organizations order computers with at least 3 years of warranty service if budget allows. The extra fee for this level or warranty is minimal and will usually pay for itself in the long run. If student organizations require assistance with warranty repairs on computer equipment, please contact Technical Services via email at and we can direct you to the appropriate vendor for repairs.

What can be done with out-of-warranty equipment that is malfunctioning?

If the student organization wishes to purchase parts, or make repairs on its own, Technical Services can make recommendations for replacement parts and a course of action. At the student organization’s request, Technical Services will make basic repairs to malfunctioning computer equipment. These repairs would include such issues as replacing defective keyboards, mice, memory and hard drives. The student organization would be charged the cost of replacement parts.

How Is Software Troubleshooting Handled?

ESE Technical Services can diagnose and troubleshoot software problems for most standard software applications. These applications include, but are not necessarily limited to, the Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS operating systems, the Microsoft Office suite, and Adobe products. For specialty software (e.g. vertical market applications) it is recommended that the student organization contact the application vendor directly for technical assistance.

Is there somewhere on the web to research technical problems?

The answer to many common technical issues can be found on Answers, the university’s web knowledgebase. ESE Technical Services maintains a space in Answers ( with some information specific to student organizations.

Should a Student Organization contact ITS directly with technical problems?

Generally, it is recommended that a student organization contact ESE Technical Services first. We can be reached by email at and phone at 315-443-1436. If the problem requires the assistance of ITS, Technical Services will act as a liaison with ITS and handle the request.

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