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A number of the communication tools (discussion forums, blogs, journals, and wikis) allow instructors and students to upload file attachments, by using either the “Browse My Computer” button, or by using the "Attach File‟ option in the Visual Text Box Editor (VTBE).


Attaching Files Using the "Browse My Computer" Button

  1. Click the Browse My Computer or Browse Course button.

    Blackboard attach file dialog

  2. Locate and select the file to attach it.
  3. The file name will appear within the File Name box. Complete the process by Submitting the page.

Attaching Files Using the Text Box Editor

  1. Click the Attach File icon located on the Text Box Editor toolbar.

    Attach file to text link in text editor tool

  2. On the Insert Content Link screen, click the Browse My Computer or Browse Course button to locate and select the file. Click Open to add the file, change settings as needed and click Submit.

    Blackboard text editor text link details dialog

  3. At this point, the Text Box Editor should contain the link to the file attachment. To complete, click Submit:

    completed text link in Blackboard text field


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