Fall 2022- Spring 2023

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Thurs. 09/01

Jennifer Ross,

Department Chair

Syracuse UniversityWelcome Reception
Thurs. 09/08

Undergraduates: AJ Bekoe, Charles Drew, Hong Lee, Jakub Kochanowski, James Harford, MP Geiss, Nathan Magers, Ruell Branch

Syracuse University

Undergraduate Summer Experience 2022

Thurs. 09/15Ibou Bah, Assistant Professor of Physics and AstronomyJohns Hopkins University

Topological stars in gravity 

Thurs. 09/22Stephon Alexander, Professor of PhysicsBrown University

The Chiral Universe

Thurs. 09/29Chandralekha SinghUniversity of Pittsburgh

How to enhance physics by making it inclusive

Thurs. 10/06Arpita UpadhyayaUniversity of Maryland
Thurs. 10/13Peter McMahonCornell University
Thurs. 10/20Vincent RodgersUniversity of Iowa

Thu. 10/27Natalie GosnellColorado College
Thu. 11/03Andrew LeiferPrinceton
Thu. 11/10Shri KulkarniCaltech
Thu. 11/17Xiaoming MaoUniversity of Michigan

Thu. 12/01

No colloquium - Holiday Party!

Inn Complete
Thu. 12/08

Gaby Maimon

Rockefeller University
Mon. 01/09

Suraj Shankar

Harvard UniversityActive muscular hydraulics

Thu.  01/12

Nidhi PashineYale UniversityHarnessing disorder to create novel functionality in materials
Tue.   01/17Maijia LiaoYale UniversityScaling laws in branching morphogenesis
Thu.  01/19Emily GehrelsMarseille Developmental Biology InstituteHow to create form and function in biological and synthetic systems
Tue.   01/24Colm KelleherHarvard UniversityLiquid Crystal Physics in the Mammalian Meiotic Spindle
Thu.  02/09Carl RosenzweigSyracuse UniversityWhat Can Atoms Teach Us About the Accelerating Expansion of Our Universe
Thu.  02/16Andrê de GouvêaNorthwestern UniversityThe Brave nu World
Thu.  02/23Angela KuoUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignBuilding a Hybrid Quantum Device from Semiconducting Spins and Superconducting Circuits
Thu.  03/02Thomas VoMeta
Thu.  03/23Zvonimir ĐogićUC Santa Barbara
Thu.  03/30Adam GinsburgUniversity of Florida
Thu.  04/06Jaysin Lord

Thu.  04/13Rachel Bezanson

Thu.  04/20Community ConversationSyracuse University
Thu.  04/27Jessica EsquivelFermilabCan wobbling muons probe physics beyond the standard model? Fermilab’s Muon g-2 Run 1 results
Thu.  05/04Matt Harrington

Thu.  05/04AwardsSyracuse UniversityEnd-of-academic-year awards ceremony

Fall 2021- Spring 2022




Colloquium Videos

9/2/21Jennifer RossWelcome ColloquiumWelcome Colloquium video
9/9/21Mitchell SoderbergParticle Prospecting: Digging for Discovery with NeutrinosMitchell Soderberg Colloquia video
9/16/21Joseph PaulsenThe Wrinkle-to-Crumple Transition in Thin Elastic SolidsJoseph Paulsen colloquia video
9/21/21Craig Cahillane Controls and inference for current and future gravitational wave detectorsCraig Cahillane colloquia video
9/23/21 Georgia MansellCommissioning the advanced LIGO detectors for the fourth observing runGeorgia Mansell colloquia video
9/28/21Scott WatsonCosmology and New PhysicsScott Watson colloquia video
9/30/21Jay Hubisz New Horizons in Physics From Open Quantum SystemsJay Hubisz colloquia video
10/05/21Anna GreenSmoothing the Road Towards Precision Gravitational Wave Observations: Overcoming Optical Imperfections for Current & Future DetectorsAnna Green colloquia video
10/12/21Bryan Ramson

High Energy Physics Seminar: Neutrino Physics Needs a New Generation of Bubble Chambers with Light Nuclear Targets

Bryan Ramson HEP seminar video
10/14/21Margaret GardelVirtual: Physics of Morphogenetic MatterMargaret Gardel colloquium video
10/21/21Fernanda PsihasHigh Energy Physics Seminar: Prospects for a 100-ton scale neutrino-less double-beta decay at DUNEFernanda Psihas HEP seminar video
10/26/21Daniel Johnson

High Energy Physics Seminar: What’s the matter with matter?

Daniel Johnson HEP seminar video


Rafael Silva Coutinho

Virtual - Beauty Quarks behaving awkwardly, or is New Physics hiding in flavor?

Rafael Silva Coutinho's seminar video
11/04/21Phy-GOCOVID 19 Listening session
11/11/21Rosario Porras-AguilarVirtual- Polarization-based quantitative phase microscopy

Rosario Porras-Aguilar colloquia video

11/18/21Physics EID Event Microscopes and Telescopes


No colloquium

12/02/21Holiday Party! Yay!

12/09/21Jennifer Ross, Physics Dept. ChairCommunity Conversations with Syracuse University Department of Public Safety

Jennifer Ross,

Department Chair

Welcome Back

Dr. Bryan VanSaders, University of Chicago

Reserve: BioInspired

MetaMaterials Search

Dislocation machines: topological defects for organizing shape change in crystalline metamaterials Bryan VanSaders

Dr. Chrisy Xiyu Du, Harvard University

Reserve: BioInspired

MetaMaterials Search

Programming Interaction and Assembly with Magnetic Handshake MaterialsChrisy Xiyu Du

Dr. Erin Teich, University of Pennsylvania

Reserve: BioInspired

MetaMaterials Search

Discovery and design of emergent behavior in soft materialsErin Teich

Dr. Varda Faghir Hagh, University of Chicago

Reserve: BioInspired

MetaMaterials Search

Systematic manipulation of disorder for extraordinary functionality in materialsVarda Faghir Hagh

Dr. Qingkun Liu, Cornell

Reserve: BioInspired

MetaMaterials Search

Microrobots with electrically programmable shapesQingkun Liu
3/1/22Andrei KlishinHuman learning of semantic networksAndrei Klishin
3/3/22Dheeraj PashamMysterious quasi-periodic signals from centers of external galaxiesDheeraj Pasham
3/10/22No colloquiumNo colloquium

Spring Break

No colloquium

March Meeting

Spring Break

No colloquium

March Meeting

3/24/22Mark TroddenGravity in the Age of Precision CosmologyMark Trodden
3/31/22Mary EltingDestructive Testing on Cellular Machinery: Probing Mechanics of Cell Division by Laser AblationMary Elting
04/07/22Steve FairhurstObservations of Gravitational Waves from Black Hole and Neutron Star MergersSteve Fairhurst

Jennifer Ross,

Department Chair

Department Celebration

Jennifer Ross,

Department Chair


Neal Powless,

SU Ombuds

Community Conversations with Neal Powless, Syracuse University Ombudsperson

Neal Powless,

SU Ombuds

Fall 2020- Spring 2021




Colloquium Videos


Stefan Ballmer

Designing the Next Generation of Terrestrial Gravitational-Wave Detectors

Stefan Ballmer colloquia video


Matt Rudolph

Looking for physics beyond the Standard Model with b-quark decays

Matt Rudolph colloquia video


Jen Schwarz

From chromatin to COVID: A theoretical physicist’s search for new collective phenomena in living matter

Jennifer Schwarz colloquia video


Sinclaire Manning

Characterization of “HST-Dark” Dusty Star-Forming Galaxies in the MORA Survey

Sinclaire Manning colloquia video


Jonathan Asaadi

Pixelation: Bringing liquid noble element detectors into focus

Jonathan Asaadi colloquia video


Carlos Vargas

Why I Stopped Waiting for Someone Else to Map the Warm-hot Circumgalactic Medium

Carlos Vargas colloquia video


Kate Alexander

Cosmic Extremes: Time-Domain Astrophysics in a Multi-Messenger World



Steve Penn

New Vision for LIGO:  Coating Thermal Noise and the New Observables for Gravitational Wave Astronomy

Steven Penn colloquia video


Guillaume Duclos

Hydrodynamics instability, buckling, and topological defect loops in 3D active nematics

Guillaume Duclos colloquia video


Jonathan Rosner (U. Chicago)

“Exotic hadrons — 56 years and counting”

Jonathan Rosner colloquia video


Bryan Ramson (FNAL)

Using the Whole Buffalo: Coordinating subsystems of the DUNE Far Detector prototype for a measurement of light attenuation in liquid argon

Bryan Ramson colloquia video

02/11/21Rafael CoutinhoA Flavorful Road to New Physics? 

Rafael Silva Continho colloquium video

2/18/21Nathan Keim

Cyclic Memories in Disordered Matter

Nathan Keim colloquia video
2/25/21Brian Nord

Deeply Uncertain: Using AI to Disentangle Signals in Cosmological Probes for Next-Generation Experiments

Brian Nord colloquia video
3/4/21Brooke Russell

Readying for the Neutrino Onslaught: design and prototyping for the DUNE LAr Near Detector

Brooke Russell colloquia video
3/11/21Fernanda Psihas

Deep Learning In Neutrino Physics

3/18/21Kandice Tanner

Microenvironment regulation of metastasis

Fernanda Psihas colloquia video
4/8/21Yue Zhao

Astrophysical Probes to New Physics Beyond the Standard Model

Yue Zhao colloquia video
4/15/21Antun Skanata

Evolving memory across scales: from populations to ecosystems

Antun Skanata colloquia video
4/22/21Eugenia Etkina

Investigative Science Learning Environment (ISLE): helping students learn physics by practicing it and be empowered 

Eugenia Etkina colloquia video
4/29/21Evelyn Tang

Predicting Robust Emergent Function in Living and Active Systems

Evelyn Tang colloquia video
5/6/21Jennifer RossCommunity Conversations ColloquiaCommunity Conversations colloquia video
5/13/21Jennifer Curtis

Coordinating Adhesion with Repulsion: How Cells Use Polymer Brushes to Orchestrate Life

Jennifer Curtis colloquia video