Thank you for your interest in becoming a Field Instructor for the Syracuse University School of Social Work.  

The SU School of Social Work requirements to become a Field Instructor include:

  • An MSW from an accredited program
  • Two years post graduate experience
  • Willing to provide 1 hour of formal supervision per week to students
  • Can offer an educationally sound experience, tailored to the students level (BSSW, Foundation, Concentration)

The Office of Field Instruction requires that an agency become an approved site prior to an individual employee becoming an approved supervisor.    If your agency is not an approved site and you would like to discuss the possibility of becoming a site, please contact the Field Instruction Office’s Administrative Assistant at 443-5557.

If your agency is an approved site you can contact us at so that we may contact you to discuss the possibility in becoming a field instructor.    Many agencies have an internal main contact for social work internships.  You should discuss your interest with the contact person as well as your own supervisor.

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