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Staff and faculty are given official email accounts in Exchange.  Web-based access to Exchange accounts is also available at Microsoft Outlook, which is available on computers within Syracuse University's Active Directory domain, is most commonly used to manage Exchange accounts.  

Exchange uses the same password that you set up for your NetID. To manage your NetID, including passwords management and activation visit

Need to add Exchange to a personal devices? Check out our step-by-step instructions on the Exchange Configurations page.

New Faculty or Staff?

New faculty and staff may require further action by their distributed IT support personnel in order to login or configure their Exchange account. To request access, configure your work desktop, or to report an issue, please contact your academic or administrative support personnel.

Forwarding Exchange Email

Faculty and staff who redirect their official email account to another address (ex:, do so at their own risk.

Exchange Login

Log into your Syracuse University faculty or staff email account:

Log into Exchange

This links is for active users with a faculty or staff email account. If you are an active student or alumni looking for the student email system, visit More information is available on the SUmail home page.

Exchange Email Aliases

Information Technology Services does not accept requests for email aliases.  Each person should have only one email address, and it is derived from the NetID, e.g.

If an alias is needed for management of email correspondence for a department, project, etc., please request a generic account. Detailed information is available on the Generic Accounts page

Access After Resignation or Retirement

Syracuse University licenses Microsoft Exchange for active staff, faculty, retired faculty (including emeriti), and also active associates whose role supports the University's mission. When a person is no longer in any of these roles, access to the Exchange mailbox is removed. For complete information, including how long you will have access and planning prior to status change, please view the Exchange Access After Resignation or Retirement page.

Additional Support Pages

Getting Help

For support of the information above, contact the ITS Help Desk by calling at 315.443.2677, by emailing, or by stopping into 1-227 CST.


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