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You can add media to a channel in several ways: By publishing media to a channel when you upload it, or by selecting it and adding it at a later time. To add media to your channel:

  1. Log into Kaltura MediaSpace, at the upper right, click the area that says Click Here To Login (), and then select Login. When prompted, log in with your NetID and password.

  2. At the upper right, click your name, and then select My Channels.

  3. Locate the desired channel and click to open it.

  4. Click Add Media.

  5. From the "Add Media" page, you have two options:
    • Search for and select items from among your existing media. Once you've selected the items you want to add to your channel, click Publish.
    • Click Add Media to upload a new video or create a new webcam or screen recording.
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