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Class Schedule Planning Notes

Main faculty to work with:

  • Big-picture items: Prof. Schiff/Chair
  • Smaller details: Prof. Catterall (and occasionally Prof. Laiho as undergrad director and Prof. Soderberg as grad director)


**Training from the registrar’s office is required to gain Myslice access to the enrollment and class scheduling screens. These notes are intended as a supplement to the info form those training and assumes that level of comfort of use with PeopleSoft.



Class Scheduling notes/pointers:


Again, official/RO class scheduling training should provide the basics of process – they have packets that walk users through the steps in using myslice step by step. Helpful additional notes:

  • Courses are always carried over from one year to the next, with a few exceptions. i.e., the fall 2019 schedule will carry over exactly how it was entered in for fall 2018 and we just input course offering changes or updated info (times, rooms, instructors, etc.)
  • Courses that aren’t carried over and will need to be re-added each term:
  • Independent studies (PHY 490, 690) – make sure to request training notes for this
    Other special topics courses, or those that had 0 enrollment in prior year.
  • Link to DTR form --- use to request day, time, room info from registrar. We cannot just enter this info in. See individual term deadlines for DTRs to know when this info is due.
  • Link to the official time blocks we are allowed to schedule classes during:
  • Link to the page to view classroom availability (25 live)[0]
  • I STRONGLY RECOMMEND the department sets up a policy of having no waitlists in fall 2018 first week scheudle adjustment period. It may break a few hearts --- but until someone is onboarded enough to manage permissions in myslice, stopping enrollment, running reports to track current enrollment capacities, etc – it will be very difficult for someone to understand the process of  how to manage a waitlist. Many department have a blanket no-waitlist policy.
  • See for the registration calendar and important dates. After 9/4 students can’t use myslice to rearrange schedules any longer, so add/drop forms will start rolling in. I always held a policy that I don’t approve swaps after the myslice add/drop deadline unless it is an extenuating circumstance AND there is actually an open seat they want to swap into. And I only approve late course adds if the instructor gives explicit permission to do so (and again, if there is an open seat in the class). Otherwise people will request to swap out of every Friday & 8am section for a month+ into the term.
    • NOTE: after 9/4, MySlice will not reflect accurate enrollment. It can take a week+ during busy times for the home college & registrar to approve and process add/drop forms. That is why I always kept copies of every approval I made --- so if there was one open seat in lab 7 (for instance) in AST 101, I make sure I only give that seat out to 1 person and not 12 who may ask for it!
    • All courses are posted on physics website each term, with links to syllabi or course sites:
  • Grad course page:




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