Rules of thumb:

  • The college/school will always be A&S (Arts and Science) because you are in fact in that college. Major will always be Physics PhD (unless there’s something I don’t know…..)

  • The grading option should be discussed between you and your professor:


  • In MOST cases, the course is simply an elective, so you can check off the first option

  • This is an INDEPENDENT STUDY and is typically listed as level 690, please cross it out accordingly:

  • Course to be taken will be PHY (Physics) and the number is 690. These are usually only 3 credits, but exceptions can be made in rare circumstances. The title of the course should be in collaboration with the faculty advisor you will be working with:


  • Please make sure the faculty member fills out their name and last 4 digits of their SUID, this helps registrar process your paperwork faster! Do not worry about the class number.

When the professor has filled out the bottom half portion, make sure you and them have signed it and then forward to for review. Our Graduate Program Director, will approve and I will send it off to registrar for processing. If you send me an incomplete form please know that I will bounce it back to you.

These forms are due at LEAST a week to two weeks before classes start for any given semester. 

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