This page provides information for instructors about how students marked as non-compliant will appear and function in Blackboard.

Students who are marked as non-compliant with campus testing and vaccination requirements may have limited access to IT resources including Blackboard. Please note that ITS does not determine whether or not a student is compliant and ITS cannot change the student's compliance status. Students with questions about their compliance should see the Syracuse Stay Safe page for information about testing and about who to contact with questions. 

Instructors with questions about credit and/or exemptions on assignments, tests, and other course materials that a student may have missed while being marked as non-compliant should contact their department chair or dean. 

Instructors cannot access a history of a student's compliance status via Blackboard. ITS does not hold health status information about students but can provide verified instructors more information about the dates and times a student was made unavailable in Blackboard because of their testing compliance status.

Display of students marked as non-compliant

Students marked as non-complaint will not be able to login to Blackboard and will appear to the instructor as "Unavailable." This designation can be seen in a variety of places in a Blackboard course.

In the Grade Center, a student will have an icon placed next to their last name and the "Availability" column will display "Unavailable."  

Screenshot of Unavailable Users

In the Course Management area for "Users and Groups," the student appears in two different views.

In the "Users" area the "Available" column will display an "X" icon.

In the "Manage Users" area the "User Status" will display "Unavailable." This drop-down menu is clickable but changes to the value made by the the instructor will not be saved by the system.

Communicating via Blackboard with students marked as non-compliant

Students set as "Unavailable" do receive course emails sent as Announcements and emails sent to "All Users" and "All Student Users" via the Send Email Tool. Unavailable students do receive emails sent via the Full Grade Center to the individual user via “Send Email” under the user drop down and via the Checkbox>Email Selected Users method.

Unavailable student users do not appear in the "Single/Select Users" email dialog. They do not receive messages sent within or to their Blackboard group.

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