Application and Eligibility

The Law and Science Dissertation Grant program is open to full-time doctoral candidates enrolled at accredited U.S. institutions of higher education whose research addresses social scientific studies of law and law-like systems of rules. Designed to promote interdisciplinary and multi-methodological research, this program invites project proposals that advance scientific theory and connections between law, human behavior, basic sciences, and technology. For more information about eligibility requirements, please visit ASU's Eligibility Guidelines Page.  

Format and Materials

The Law and Science Dissertation Grant has five necessary components:

  • Components 1 and 2 require applicants to fill out an online form with basic information about themselves and their project.
  • Component 3 comprises the main body of the project proposal. This document can be uploaded to the portal as a single .doc, .docx. or pdf. All elements for Component 3 and 4 have specific length and formatting requirements that should be reviewed and followed.
  • Component 4 includes all supplementary proposal documents, such as NSF-style biographical sketches (see Proposal & Award Policies and Procedure Guide, Page II-49 for guidelines), letters of support from faculty sponsor and collaborators, current and pending support, conflict of interest, and recommended reviewers. This document can be uploaded to the portal as a single .doc, .docx. or pdf.
  • Component 5 requires applicants to create a budget for their project. Applicants should use the recommended summary proposal budget as a template for their own project.

The required elements of the application mirror those established by NSF. See the complete  guidelines for the Law and Science Dissertation Grant program on ASU’s application page.


PhD candidates who would like to apply to the Law & Science DDRIG Program are encouraged to look at the program’s FAQs page.

 Application Submission Process

Applicants can submit their proposals using the ASU Law and Science Dissertation Grant Portal. Non-Arizona State University users are required to register for an ASU InfoReady account if they do not have an account with another university. Applicants are advised to carefully review ASU’s application length and formatting guidelines for the Law and Science Dissertation Grant before submitting their final applications.  

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