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Some of our academic departments and interdisciplinary programs display semester course offerings that showcase Course number, Title, Day, Time, Instructor, and Room.  In some cases a detailed Description of the course and a link to the Syllabus are also provided.  Two examples below highlight ways in which the course offerings feature is used.  The Department of English uses the course offerings (Fall 2021) feature to display detailed course descriptions, but they do not share links to the syllabi.  On the other hand, the Department of Physics uses the course offerings (Spring 2021) to provide links to some course syllabi, but don't use detailed course descriptions.

If your department would like to take advantage of this course offerings feature, we provide instructions below to activate this feature.  Please notify the A&S Office of Communications as early as possible that you are interested in this feature.

Note that Google Sheets, Google Drive, and the College of Arts and Sciences CMS are involved.

What you need to do:

  1. After we receive your Orange Tracker ticket, we create a blank sheet in Google Sheets and share that sheet with your departmental representative(s) via their account.
  2. The columns will be set-up and labeled for you in advance.
  3. Do not change the column headings or the order of the columns.
  4. If your department has already taken advantage of this feature and have one or more sheets already in operation, do not change the order or the label/title of the sheets.
  5. Fill in the cells. As you move from cell to cell, the data/sheet is automatically saved.
  6. For Days, indicate using M,W or T, Th, or W etc.  For Times follow the convention of 11:00 a.m. to 12:20 p.m. etc. (** - for courses that meet at different times, e.g. MW 9:00am to 10:00 AM AND TTh 9:30 AM to 11:00AM, please see Note below.)
  7. Descriptions should be plain text.  While google sheets provides a fair amount of rich text formatting features, we do not carry that information over to our CMS for security and privacy reasons.
  8. Syllabi should be the full url link to their storage location, e.g.
  9. Notify us that the sheet is complete.

What we then do:

  1. We create the page that will display the course offerings for that semester in the CMS (Wagtail).
  2. If there are prior semesters in the Google Sheet, we take care of the proper linking.
  3. The data in the google sheet is not pulled into and stored in the CMS database, it is live data in google sheets.  We simply display it as a web page.
  4. Note - the google sheet data is live data.

Additional Notes:

  • Google Sheet data is live data.  You can go back to a sheet and make edits, just keep in mind that once the A&S web page is loaded or refreshed, the changes you are making are immediately displayed.

** Multidays with differening times.

In the Day column, type out the string, e.g. MWTTh and place the cursor where the line break should occur. Then hold the ALT key and then press the Enter key (or Control + Option + Enter if you're using a Mac). Do the same for the cell in the Time column.