International Study

Living and studying in another country can be a truly transformative educational experience and is one of the best ways for college students to expand their perspectives and skill sets. We strongly encourage students who are able to study abroad to take advantage of this incredible opportunity. About 75 percent of our majors complete at least one semester away from campus. Study abroad can enhance a student’s intellectual development, improve one’s language abilities, enhance one’s understanding of the world, and prepare one for important career opportunities.

We are fortunate to have a world-class study-abroad program through Syracuse Abroad. Syracuse University operates its own study-abroad programs in eight locations around the world, each of which provides wonderful opportunities for study, travel, and internship experience. All of these programs offer many courses that are pre-approved for our International Relations major and minors, as listed in the course lists.

In addition, SU offers access to more than 50 additional study-abroad opportunities through our World Partner Programs. Courses offered through these programs may also count towards the major or minors. Please speak with an advisor about this before going abroad.

Maxwell in Washington

Finally, many of our students participate in a semester of study in Washington, DC. The Maxwell in Washington program provides an intensive, integrated experience of course work, academic collaboration, and internship experience that is ideal for those with an interest in governance, foreign policy, and international affairs.

Financial Aid

Students can access cost and financial aid information for studying abroad or in Washington, D.C. by contacting Syracuse Abroad or the Maxwell in Washington Program.

Study Abroad Course Lists

Abbreviations used on the course lists include:

REQ – required course
AFR – Africa
ASIA – Asia
EUR – Europe 
The Americas (formerly Latin America and the Caribbean)
MENA – Middle East and North Africa
CIC – Culture, Identities and Citizenship (formerly Intercultural Com. - ICC)
IPE – International Political Economy
ILO – International Law and Organization.
ISD – International Security and Diplomacy
GHE - Global Health and Environment
HR - Human Rights
TGP - Technology and Global Politics

Central Europe - Wroclaw, Poland (Fall only)

Visit Syracuse Abroad for more information about studying abroad in Central Europe.

Florence, Italy Course List

Number SectionTitleRegion Topic GPE GSS 
ECN361Economics of European Integration (Fall, Spring)EURIPE, ILOYes
ECN/PSC336/436Healthcare in Europe (Fall, Spring)EUR GHEYes
ECN480.4International Economics II (U. of Florence) (Fall)
GEO 300.1 Sustainability and Environmental Justice in Europe (Spring) EUR GHE

GEO 400.2 Sustainable Urbanism in Europe (Fall)EUR IPE , GHEYes

The Italian Renaissance (Fall, Spring)


HST/SOC418The Italian Mafia (Fall, Spring) EUR

HST/PSC452Italy: Past, Present and Future Challenges (Fall, Spring)EURMigration, CIC

IRP/PSC300.1Famine, War and Other Disasters: European Security in the 21st Century (Spring)EURISD
List A
IRP/HST300.7NATO in Crisis: The Ukraine War (Fall, Spring)EURISD, CIC
List A
IRP 380.1International Conflict Transformation (U. of Florence) (Fall)
 List A
IRP/ ECN480.2Human Development and International Cooperation (U of Florence) (Fall)
PSC 408 Politics of Immigration in Europe (Fall, Spring) EUR ILO , Migration, CIC, HR

PSC 300.2

Making Up Machiavelli (Spring)


PSC 300.3Contemporary Politics and the Return of Religion: A Global Perspective (Spring)VARIESISD, CIC
List A
PSC 380.2 Politics of Globalization and Human Rights (U of Florence) (Spring)
PSC 380.3 Politics of Economic Globalization (U of Florence) (Fall) 
PSC 380.4 Human Rights and Armed Conflicts (U of Florence) (Fall)
List B
PSC405Politics of the European Union (Spring)EURILO, IPE, MigrationYes
PSC413Identity and Difference (Spring)EURCIC

PSC/HST 453 Twentieth-Century Europe (Fall, Spring) EUR ISD, IPE, HRYesList B
HST/SOC/WGS454Family and Gender in Contemporary Italy (Fall, Spring)EURCIC, HR

Visit Syracuse Abroad for more information about studying abroad in Florence.

London, United Kingdom Course List

Number SectionTitleRegionTopic GPE GSS 
ANT352Food, Culture, and Identity - Honors (Fall, Spring) EUR CIC

ECN 300.1 Europe's Economic Policy Failures from Maastricht to Brexit (Fall, Spring) EUR IPE, MigrationYes
ECN362Globalization, Development and the Environment (Fall, Spring)
GEO /NAT300.1 Climates of Resistance: Environmental Racism and Collective Action (Fall, Spring) VARIESCIC, IPE , GHE, HR

GEO 304Sustainability and Environmental Justice in Europe (Fall, Spring)EUR GHE, HR

HST 300.4 Borders in Flux: Identities and Conflict in Ireland (Fall, Spring) Meets with REL 328 and PSC 464EUR ISD, Migration
List B
PSC/HST300.6 Death as Political: Violence, Grief, and Protest (Fall, Spring) 
List B
PSC350.1America: A Foreign Perspective (Fall, Spring)VariesISD, CIC
 List A
PSC 354 Human Rights and Global Affairs (Fall, Spring) 

SOC412Multicultural London (Fall, Spring)EURCIC, HR, Migration

Visit Syracuse Abroad for more information about studying abroad in London

Madrid, Spain Course List

Number SectionTitleRegion Topic GPE GSS 
ECN361Economics of European Integration (Fall, Spring)EURILO, IPEYes
ECN365The World Economy (Fall, Spring)VARIESIPE Yes
ECN/PSC336/436Healthcare in Europe (Fall, Spring) EUR GHE

HST/MES/HUM482Azahar: Interfaith Relations in Spain (711-1492 CE) (Signature Seminar; Fall, Spring)EUR/MENACIC

PSC356Political Conflict (Fall, Spring)EUR/VARIESISD, ILO, HR
 List B
PSC405Politics of the European Union (Fall, Spring)
Students cannot receive credit for this course and PSC/GEO 396
EURILO, IPE, MigrationYes
PSC/HST422/412Modern Spain: History and Politics (Fall, Spring)EURILO, IPE, ISDYes
SOC/ WGS302Gender, Race, Migration and Family in Spain (Fall, Spring)EUR CIC, Migration, HR

SOC/QSX/WGS 306Sexuality in Spain (Fall, Spring)EURCIC

Visit Syracuse Abroad for more information about studying abroad in Madrid.

Santiago, Chile Course List

Number SectionTitleRegion Topic GPE GSS 
ECN380.3International EconomicsVARIESIPE Yes
ECN380.8Chilean EconomyAmericasIPEYes
ECN 380.17 Economic Analysis and the Chilean Experience AmericasIPEYes
ECN /LAS380.34 Economic Development in Latin America AmericasIPE Yes
GEO380.12Geography of Latin AmericaAmericas

GEO380.13Economic Geography
IPE Yes 
GEO380.14Political Geography
 List A
GEO 380.18 Intro to the Study of the Relationship Between Poverty, Social Exclusion & Sustainable Development 
GEO 380.19 The Asian World and Latin America ASIA/AmericasCIC

IRP334Contemporary Issues in Chile and Latin America (Fall, Spring) Meets with LAS/SPA 334, HST 406, and PSC 428Americas

IRP 380.2 Introduction to International Economic Policy 
IPE  Yes
IRP 380.4 Instruments of Foreign Policy 
 List A
IRP380.5Asia, an Emerging Mega-RegionASIACIC

IRP380.6Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Human Rights

IRP380.7International Integration in Latin AmericaAmericasIPE, ILO, ISD
List A
IRP 380.8 Human Security and Potential Threats 
List B
IRP/ HST/LAS/PSC/SPA424Dictatorships, Human Rights and Historical Memory in Chile and the Southern Cone (Fall, Spring)AmericasCIC, ILO, ISD, HR
 List B
LAS 380.25 Latin American 20th Century SeminarAmericasIPE , Migration

PSC 380 Human Rights in Latin America AmericasILO , HR, ISD
List B
PSC 380.1 International Organizations

PSC380.12Defense Policy Challenges in Current International Scene
 List A
PSC380.13Regional Politics in Latin AmericaAmericasCIC, ISD
List B
PSC380.14Topics of Strategic Analysis
List A
PSC380.15Politics and Social MovementsAmericasHR

PSC 380.16 Human Rights: Compared VisionVARIESILO , HR

PSC 380.17 Armed Conflict and the Policies of Humanitarian Work
List B
PSC 380.18 Populism in Latin America Americas

PSC 380.19 Nationality, Identity and Citizenship 
CIC, Migration

PSC  380.23 Borders in Latin America 
CIC, Migration, ILO

PSC 380.26 International Migrations in Latin America AmericasMigration, IPE, CIC

PSC 380.28 Global Governance, Origins, Characteristics and Challenges VARIESILO 

PSC /LAS380.31 Analysis of Foreign Policy of Latin American Countries AmericasISD 
List A
PSC 380.4Political Organizations of ChileAmericas

PSC 380.5 Chilean Foreign Policy AmericasISD 

PSC 380.7 International Human Rights 


PSC 380.8 Political Corruption in Latin America Americas

PSC 380.9 Introduction to Latin American Politics Americas

PST 380.3 Economics of Energy and Climate Change AmericasIPE 

SOC 380.1 Latin American Culture and SocietyAmericasCIC

Visit Syracuse Abroad for more information about studying abroad in Santiago.

Additional courses are offered outside of the Social Sciences that may count for the major, upon petition.  These courses will be reviewed on an individual basis.  Please discuss with the IR advisors.

Strasbourg, France Course List

Number SectionTitleRegion Topic GPE GSS 
ECN300.1Contemporary Economic Challenges: A European Perspective (Spring)EURIPEYES
ECN366Economic Policies of the European Union (Fall)EURIPE, ILO  

HST/PSC415/350.2Europe, Russia, and the Eastern Borderlands (Fall)EURISD
 List A
HST/PSC 416/350.1 Europe and the 'Arc of Crises' (Spring) MENA /EURISD 
 List A
PSC/IRP300.1War, Diplomacy and Humanitarian Action (Fall, Spring)EURILO, ISD
List A
IRP/MES 300.2

Along the Silk Road: Europe’s Encounters with Turkey and Central Asia (Fall)

List A and B
PSC350.3 Minorities, Migrants, and Discrimination in Europe (Spring)EURCIC, IPE, Migration, HR, ISD
 List B
PSC  405 Politics of the European Union (Fall, Spring) 
students cannot receive credit for this course and PSC/GEO 396
EUR ILO, IPE, MigrationYES
PSC429European Human Rights (Fall)EURILO , HR, CIC

PSC471Internship at the Council of Europe (Fall, Spring)EUR

Visit Syracuse Abroad for more information about studying abroad in Strasbourg

Washington, DC Course List

NumberSectionTitleRegionTopic GPE GSS
IRP 401 M001 Global Policy Seminar 
List A 
IRP 402 M001 Global Policy Practicum 
 List A
IRP 403 M001 Global Issues VARIESISD, HR
List A 
IRP 404 M001 International Political Economy Issues 
IPE  Yes
IRP  471M001 Global Internship VARIESVARIES

Visit Maxwell in Washington for more information about our DC program.

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