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It's possible to sync your Handshake Calendar with your SU Calendar (the one associated with your '@syr.edu' email address). It's a really quick and simple process that takes only a few clicks.

Log In to Handshake

  • You should be prompted with the Syracuse University Single-sign-on prompting. If your browser doesn't auto-fill it, type your SU NetID and password, and click "Log In"

Set up your Calendar

  • In Handshake, click on your name in the upper right, then click User Settings

  • In User Settings click on Calendar Sync in the left navigation menu.

  • In the middle of the page are a few clickable items. Click on Authorize Calendar Sync which you should see below 'External Calendar Sync'

  • You should be shown a list of possible calendar providers. You'll want to choose Office 365 as shown below:

  • In the next dialog, check the box that says I agree to the Cronofy Terms of Service and Privacy, and click the green button that says Link Office 365 Account

  • The page will refresh and show you a Microsoft MFA (Multifactor Authentication) dialog asking you to Pick an account. If you're presented with a dialog already showing your SU account, click it. 

If you don't see this, don't worry - it just means that you haven't used this browser with Microsoft Multifactor authentication before - so type your SU Email address and click 'Next'

A dialog will pop up asking you to confirm the permissions being requested by Handshake and its calendar/sync tool, Cronofy. Click on Accept and, after a few moments, you should be returned to the Handshake Calendar Sync page.

In the Choose a Calendar drop down list, make sure your calendar is selected. 

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