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School of Education listservs are organized in a tree. Lists closer to the top of the tree include members of the lists directly below them. There is also a listserv outside of the tree structure for all full-time employees. You can email to any of these addresses and the address above would include the members of the addresses below it.  Messages sent to any listserv will be first sent to the list moderator for approval. 

a flow chart showing the tree of school of education listservs branching relationships. the same information is given in a table further down on this page

This table lists the same SOE Faculty and Staff listservs as above in reverse of the tree structure, with a description of the membership of each listserv.

List Email AddressMembership of the List
SOE-Faculty-FT@listserv.syr.eduFull Time Faculty Part Time Faculty

Emeritus Faculty
SOE-Staff-Reg@listserv.syr.eduRegular Staff
SOE-Staff-Temp@listserv.syr.eduTemporary Staff
SOE-Fac-All@listserv.syr.eduFull Time and Part Time Faculty (SOE-Faculty-FT and SOE-Faculty-PT)
SOE-Staff-All@listserv.syr.eduRegular and Temporary Staff (SOE-Staff-Reg and SOE-Staff-Temp)
SOE-FacStaff-FT@listserv.syr.eduFull Time Faculty and Regular Staff (SOE-Faculty-FT and SOE-Staff-Reg)
SOE-All@listserv.syr.eduALL faculty, staff, and emeriti faculty (members of all other listservs)

Administrative Listservs

There are other more focused listserv lists that are manually maintained by the Deans Office for specific group functions.  

Note: If you are not a member of these below specific lists and need to send to them, you should email with the listserv name and reason you need to send to them so you can be added to the approved senders.

List Email AddressMembership of the List
SOE-DeansCouncil@listserv.syr.eduMembers of the SOE Dean's Council
SOE-Dept-Chairs@listserv.syr.eduChairs of the SOE Academic Departments
SOE-AcadAdmins@listserv.syr.eduAdministrative Assistants from the SOE Academic Departments
SOE-Prog-Admins@listserv.syr.eduAdministrative Assistants from the SOE Centers, Institutes and other Programs
SOE-Fac-Tenure@listserv.syr.eduTenure and Tenure Track Faculty members in SOE

Other Listservs

List Email AddressMembership of the List
SOE-University@listserv.syr.eduNon-SOE senior leaders and other VIPs across the University, primarily to receive EdExchange HTML newsletter
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