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This page contains forms/materials that are required to be turned into the department office on a regular basis. Email with any questions regarding the items below. 


should complete


to complete


to complete

Everyone, every year, even if nothing has changed.Directory UpdateFall - by the end of the first week of classes
Every InstructorSyllabus SubmissionsEvery semester - by the end of the first week of classes
Instructors of EAR 210, 314, 317, and 333.

Undergrad Writing Rubric

Undergrad Quantitative Rubric

Undergrad Presentation Rubric

Fall and Spring semesters,

Any faculty instructor who has a TA.TA Classroom Observation Evaluation RubricFall and Spring semesters
All Faculty & Grad StudentsFall Magazine UpdateSummer - the first Monday following the 4th of July

Everyone - primary authors if more than one department member is on a paper.

Article Publications

As soon as published

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