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This page contains forms/materials that are required to be turned into the department office on a regular basis. Email with any questions regarding the items below. 


should complete


to complete


to complete

Everyone, every year, even if nothing has changed.Directory UpdateFall - by the end of the first week of classes
Every InstructorSyllabus SubmissionsEvery semester - by the end of the first week of classes
Instructors of EAR 210, 314, 317, and 333.

Undergrad Writing Rubric

Undergrad Quantitative Rubric

Undergrad Presentation Rubric

Fall and Spring semesters - by the end of the semester

Any faculty instructor who has a TA.TA Classroom Observation Evaluation RubricFall and Spring semesters - mid semester
All Faculty & Grad StudentsFall Magazine UpdateSummer - the first Monday following the 4th of July

Everyone - primary authors if more than one department member is on a paper.

Article Publications

As soon as published

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