B.A. and B.S. Economics Degree and Syracuse University Abroad
Consider Earning a B.A. or B.S. in Economics With One or Two Semesters Studying Abroad

Program Description
Students can enhance their economics skills while accessing real-world learning opportunities through Syracuse University Abroad. The Economics Department works with Syracuse University abroad to develop different learning opportunities to our students without interrupting a typical Economics Degree program. The main goal of studying abroad is to understand world economic issues while exposing yourself to new perspectives on international affairs. This experience can enrich personal ideas and insights about current economic problems. There are countless opportunities available to our Economic students through Syracuse University centers in Florence, Hong Kong, London, Madrid, Santiago, Strasbourg, and Central Europe. All SU Abroad programs offer fully accredited Syracuse University courses. Courses taken through the Syracuse University Centers will count towards Syracuse University Credit. For example, courses numbered at the 300- level in Economics will count as 300-level economics courses at Syracuse University.

Economics Degree Requirements
All regular requirements for the B.A. or B.S. degrees in Economics must be satisfied to obtain the B.A. or B.S. in economics.

Academic Planning
Economics plays an essential role in understanding a wide variety of significant issues in the world. A study abroad experience can enhance this understanding by offering perspectives that are new and different to you. Syracuse abroad can provide courses that fit your academic and career goals so that you are exposed to new global, regional, and local issues. Reach out to your economic advisor and a Syracuse abroad admission counselor to help you choose course electives that can complement courses available on campus.
Consider the timing and length of study abroad. The Economics Department recommends that you study abroad after you have completed our Principles and Intermediate Core Economics Courses (ECN 101, ECN102, ECN 301/ECN311, and ECN302). Usually, this occurs during your junior year. You are encouraged to fulfill some of the economics major elective requirement through study abroad. Sophomore-year and Senior-year study abroad experience will require additional planning. This is also the case if you are pursuing a B.S. in Economics. Students in the B.S. in Economics degree will need to carefully plan their study abroad because of course sequence between ECN 521, ECN 522. If studying abroad is one of your academic goals, consult with your academic and major advisor well before travel abroad.
Check with the Economics Department before going abroad to be sure the selected courses will fulfill major requirements. For more detailed information on SU abroad, students should contact the SU Abroad office, 106 Walnut Place, 443-3471, http://suabroad.syr.edu/.

Sample Plans of Study
Below are sample plans of study to complete both the BA and BS degrees with one semester studying abroad.

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