This document will walk through the steps to find and view any files/folders that are shared with you through Microsoft Office programs.

Default home page for Office 365

Starting out, login to the Office 365 Web Portal (right-click "Open Link in a new Window")

The screenshot below displays the default view for Office 365 web. Here you can see recent files you've edited, or other files/folders shared with you through Microsoft Applications. You can also get to any Microsoft App from here (Make note of the left side dashboard where you are able to select any Microsoft App)

Finding folders shared with you

  1. From the screenshot above, select One Drive (highlighted below).

2. Once selected, you'll arrive at the OneDrive homepage.
3. From the OneDrive homepage, Select Shared from the left column.

4. The landing page for the Shared files in OneDrive will display any files/folders shared with your SU account.

Navigation options for files/folders shared with you

  1. The Search Bar (1):  used to search specific people or names where you are looking for shared files/folders from. 
  2. Filter (2): provides options to narrow down the shared files/folders displayed (i.e. Date Modified, Document Type (word, excel, etc.), or Specific People)

Create Shortcut to Shared file or folder for easy access

  1. While still on the OneDrive Shared view, find the file/folder which you want to create a shortcut for.
  2. In this example, I'll create a shortcut for the Folder "Policies & Standards"
  3. Select the File or Folder you wish to create a shortcut for, Once selected, the file/folder will be highlighted and you'll see a Blue Check to indicate this (see screenshot)

  4. After the file/folder is selected, you are looking for Add Shortcut to My Files, select this (screenshot above).
  5. Once selected and finished creating shortcut, you'll see a pop up saying "Added 1 shortcut to My Files"

  6. My Files is located on the left column on this page (the same area we selected Shared)
  7. Select My Files from the left column to view your newly created shortcut.

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