Update to Blackboard/Turnitin Integration

On Friday, June 4, 2021, we are updating the method used for connecting Blackboard to Turnitin. This update brings some user interface changes but the service retains the same features. The new connection method will allow for more seamless system updates in the future and offers an improved student submission process. 

Icon Issue

There is an issue with the display of the Turnitin icon in Blackboard courses. Rather than a Turnitin logo, users see a Blackboard "web link" icon for newly created assignments. There is no technical issue with the tool itself. ITS is working with the vendors for them to fix the icon display.

Information for Students

You will continue to make your submission from the content area in the course where your instructor has posted your assignment. Once you click on the assignment link, you'll see a new user interface for making the submission. Clicking on the assignment title or the question mark at the end will open the assignment details including the due date and any instructions provided by your instructor. 

Screenshot of user interface

The submission process includes a step to "Upload and Review" after which you can "Preview" and "Submit to Turnitin." The user interface displays a large green check with a "Submission Complete!" message.

Screenshot of user interface

You will receive a digital receipt by email or you can download it from the assignment page. 

Screenshot of user interface

Students with additional questions can view student support pages from the vendor or contact the help desk for assistance.

Information for Instructors

In addition to the information below, instructors with additional questions can view instructor support pages from the vendor or contact the help desk for assistance.

Creating an assignment

The button for creating a Turnitin assignment has moved. Its new location is under "Build Content" in any content area where you'd like to create a Turnitin assignment. 

Screenshot of user interface

The settings remain the same but are arranged differently on the screen with addition settings under the "Optional Settings" button. 

Screenshot of user interface

Grading submissions

Instructors will now access the Assignment Inbox through the same link that students use to make submissions. Following the link where you created the assignment will take you to the assignment inbox to manage submissions and launch the feedback studio. 

You can also initiate grading from the Needs Grading area and the Full Grade Center. If you use these methods, you may find that Turnitin has taken over the full window and you may need to browse back to your course via http://blackboard.syracuse.edu. ITS has made Turnitin aware of this problem with hopes they provide an update to the tool that would keep 

Viewing Past Assignments

Even though instructors can no longer create assignments using the old tool, you can still access previously created assignments and submissions by going to the Course Management area of the course menu and clicking on Course Tools and Turnitin Assignments. Students can still submit to previously-created assignments and they will still sync with the Blackboard grade center.

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