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**M.A. GUIDELINES Requirements Current Course Catalog 

The Master of Arts degree signifies an important step in a student’s scholarly development. The requirements for a Master of Arts degree in anthropology at Syracuse University emphasize comprehensive understanding of anthropology and the articulation of its various sub-fields. The department feels this is the core strength of their discipline. Coursework and qualifying examinations reflect the department’s intent to expose students to the breadth of anthropology prior to engaging in more narrowly defined scholarly studies and doctoral research topics.

** "Please note that this is a PhD program and we do not accept applications for terminal MA degrees. Prospective students applying to the program should not check the MA box on their application, as these applications may not be considered for admission."  

 Core courses: 30 graduate credits that include at least five core courses, including a two-course sequence within their subdiscipline, (ANT 611-ANT 711 for cultural students; ANT 641-ANT 741 for archaeology students) and at least three core courses in other subdisciplines. 

The core courses are:

Students are expected to complete core courses and qualifying examinations within the first two years in residence.

 Qualifying Examination: Successful completion of a qualifying examination in their subdiscipline: the History of Anthropological Theory and Ethnology for cultural students and Archaeological Method and Theory for archaeology students.

Writing Requirment: Students who do not continue beyond the master’s level are required to submit a master’s paper, which is a significant piece of work on a subject of the student’s choosing, and approved by the advisor. Minimally, it should demonstrate original thinking and knowledge of the literature on a given area, topic, or issue. See “Position Papers” for the writing requirements leading to a doctoral degree.

Tools and Methods requirement

Cultural students choose either:

Archaeology students choose one of the following:

Archaeological Field training or Field Program

Archaeology students must also fulfill a field training course (ANT 643 - Advanced Field Methods in Archaeology) or complete an accredited archaeological field program.

 Advisor and master’s committee: Students are expected to select an advisor by December 15th of their second term in residence. (the graduate director serves as advisor until one is selected)

PH.D. GUIDELINES Requirements Current Course Catalog

It is the objective of the anthropology department to produce doctors of philosophy of the highest quality. The Ph.D. requirements build upon the educational training and background gained through the completion of master’s requirements. Ph.D. students are expected to demonstrate outstanding quality in coursework. They must demonstrate that they are qualified to carry out a significant body of anthropological research. Once their proposal has been approved by their committee, they are expected to carry out the project and write a dissertation based on this research.

  Basic Requirements: 72 graduate credits (past B.A.) as follows:

  • Minimum of 33 credits in anthropology
  • Maximum of 27 credits in cognate fields
  • Maximum of 12 "dissertation" credits
  • Completion of core courses (see master’s requirements)
  • A Ph.D. pass on qualifying examinations (See MA requirements) Exemptions may be granted on the basis of previous work. (petition to the graduate director is required.)
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