The Renée Crown University Honors Program

The Renée Crown University Honors Program provides a compelling educational experience for accomplished students. Individuals who seek academic challenge and are prepared to invest the extra effort required to meet that challenge will flourish in this demanding and rewarding program.

Approximately 25% of Policy Studies students are accepted into the Honors Program. The civic engagement requirement of the Honors Program can be completed by some of the requirements and courses in Policy Studies. Additionally, Policy Studies Teaching Professor Austin Zwick works personally with Policy Studies students to complete their honors thesis. 

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Honors Section of PST 101: Introduction to the Analysis of Public Policy

The honors section requires you to attend and complete the work for PST 101 and participate in a 55-minute section once a week. During this section, students complete a short research project for a university client, practice Dale Carnegie’s principles, meet with some of the experts who speak in the lecture, and discuss ideas raised in class by Professor Coplin.

Honors Thesis

The honors thesis is your opportunity to complete a major research, community-based or creative project in Policy Studies on a topic important to you. The thesis typically requires four semesters to complete.

You have the resources of a major research university at your disposal, and you are mentored by a faculty member you have asked to supervise you. Honors thesis can be completed two ways: working with Professor Zwick as an advisor, or working with another professor. Regardless of the school or department the faculty member belongs to at Syracuse University, your thesis will count as your Policy Studies Honors Thesis.

Contact Professor Zwick at for more information.

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