The Department of Anthropology's Future Professoriate Program has two fundamental goals: (1) to prepare graduate students for the teaching responsibilities they will face as future members of the professoriate, and (2) to effect a change in faculty culture by fostering a recognition of the importance of teaching as a dimension of graduate education. Our program addresses these goals through regular working sessions on teaching, faculty members service as Teaching Mentors, and the appointment of an FPP Participant . The department is one of thirty-seven academic units participating in the University-wide Future Professoriate Program.


FPP meetings are open to all Anthropology faculty and graduate students, and all are encouraged to attend.  We especially encourage attendance and participation of new graduate students, whether or not you are currently a Teaching Assistant.  We are trying to address both pedagogical and professional topics, both of primary interest for the "future professoriate."  All TA's are urged to bring and present their ideas, experiences, and reactions. All Anthropology graduate students are welcome to attend and to join in.

Teaching Mentors

Teaching Mentors are professors committed to the art of teaching and preparing advanced graduate students for careers in the professoriate. Upon appointment, each FFP Participant selects a Teaching Mentor to work with for the upcoming academic year. Together the Mentor and Participant identify areas of common interest or concern and develop their own plan for addressing these issues one-on-one.

What is a Future Professoriate?

Appointment as an FPP Participant in the Future Professoriate Program (FPP) is an honor awarded to graduate students with strong teaching records and a high level of commitment to developing their skills as university teachers.  As an FPP Participant, you must choose a Faculty Mentor and work closely with them to enrich your training as a future professor and to compile a high-quality teaching portfolio. As a participant you are eligible to receive, upon completion of the Ph.D., a Certificate of University Teaching.

Appointment as a participant comes with a stipend of approximately $400 per year for a maximum of two (2) years. The exact amount of the stipend fluctuates slightly each year, due to annual variations in the number of participants receiving stipends throughout the University. Stipends are usually disbursed in January. Stipends for the second year are not automatic:  Participants who have received their first year of stipend must apply, as set forth below, for their second year of stipend. It is not necessary for the two years of stipend to run consecutively. Participants who in any given year are not receiving stipends are still considered to be Participants.

What Does Being an FPP Participant Entail?

As an FPP Participant, you will:

  • Meet at least twice each semester with your Faculty Mentor to discuss matters pertaining to teaching (such as classroom techniques and developing syllabi)
  • Have your classroom visited by your Mentor in a non-evaluative atmosphere
  • Help organize and attend departmental Future Professoriate events
  • Prepare a teaching portfolio
  • Participate in University-wide Future Professoriate event

 Who is Eligible to Be an FPP Participant?

  • You must have completed a minimum of two years of coursework, with at least one of those years at Syracuse University.
  • You must have the equivalent of at least one year of teaching experience, preferably at Syracuse University. "Teaching experience" may include field school teaching or other equivalent experiences, when approved by the Faculty Liaison of the Future Professoriate.
  • You must be in good standing in the department, and have no more than one incomplete on your record.

For more information please contact Professor Jok Madut Jok


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