The College of Visual & Performing Arts website is built using content blocks. These are reusable blocks of content that can easily be populated to any page for a custom layout. While there are limitations as to what can be done, the flexibility of the website allows for many options. 

Types of Websites

What is an external website?

  • Public-facing
  • For marketing & advertising purposes
    • i.e. recruiting new students

What does NOT go on an external website?

  • Content meant for internal audiences (faculty, staff, current students)
    • i.e. policies, documentations, recommendations, etc.
    • is an external website

What is an internal website?

  • A website meant to communicate internal information 
    • i.e. staff, faculty, current students 
  • is an internal website

A microsite is a mini-website for external-facing audiences. Syracuse University's digital governance decides whether a microsite is available per request.

Page Templates

There are several page templates available to construct a webpage or build a microsite. 

Standard Page

The standard academic page is the primary template used across the website. Like the other templates, the standard academic page template is flexible and can be used to achieve a number of goals and layouts.

The key identifying features of the standard page include:

  • Includes College's primary navigation
    • and breadcrumbs
  • SU & VPA branding
  • Full-width option
    • option to enable a right-hand sidebar
Standard Page Full-Width Page Example Standard Page Right Side-bar Page Example

Exhibition Page

This is similar to the standard page but streamlined. 

The main differences of this layout are:

  • College primary navigation is hidden
  • Breadcrumbs are hidden
  • Minimal college/university branding
  • Can hide footer
Exhibition Page with FooterExhibition Page no Footer

  • No labels