Put your file in One Drive

Microsoft OneDrive

Alternatively you could email it to yourself. You will need to get your file(s) to a place you can access it in RDS.

Connect to RDS

Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

We recommend using the RDP client.

Add the printer

In the RDS environment type \\as-prq-01\ in the search box and open

The window that opens is a list of all the printers we have shared off that printer. The "details" view may be easiest to read.

All our printers have a name that starts with AS-. After that comes the department prefix. Locate the printer you want to add and double click on it. If you have rights to print to that printer its driver will download. The printer is now available for you to use.

Open your file and print

If you used email open youe email

If you used OneDrive you can get to it via File Explorer

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