Now that you have accepted our offer of admission, we welcome you to the History Department graduate community! The following are some links and reminders to help you begin your career at SU: 

All events are subject to change of time and/or location.

  • Please visit the New Graduate Students page in The Graduate School website for a checklist of helpful items, including information on health records, housing arrangements, registration, and Graduate School and TA orientation schedules.
  • Registration for new graduate students for Fall 2021 semester begins August 1, 2022 and continues until August 29, 2022. You must be registered by the first day of the semester.  

*IMPORTANT* --- To avoid a late registration fee, all students must be registered by: August 29, 2022.

  • All incoming students need to have a Degree Bearing Transcript on file prior to the first day of class. Additional financial aid (not including appointments) will not be released until this is on file with the University. 

  • All new History graduate students must register for Fall 2021 semester: HST 801 - M001, Historiography 

  • All incoming students should register for a minimum of nine (9) credit hours for the fall semester. To expedite the completion of paperwork, payroll documents, New York State Pay Notification, etc., please register as soon as possible after August 1, 2022 (even if you are not sure what courses you will eventually take). Course schedules can be adjusted until September 7, 2022 allowing time to be advised on your course selections with the Graduate Director, Professor George Kallander, and/or your potential advisor during the History Department’s orientation program.

  •  When you arrive in August, you will be reminded of the following:

    o Before receiving your SU Identification Card (SU ID), you must be registered for courses for Fall 2021 semester through the MySlice Portal. Nine (9) credit hours are considered full time study. 

    o If granted an appointment or an award, you must be registered for at least nine (9) credit hours or GRD 998 (Zero Credit Hours); acknowledge your New York State Payroll Notification form in MySlice and then, go to Human Resources (101 Skytop Office Building at South Campus or 210 Steele Hall on main campus) to complete all other HR forms (I-9, which must be signed in the presence of HR personnel; W-4; DAN, and Direct Deposit form, optional).

    o If being paid hourly, review the time sheet process with the Administrative Specialist, History Department, 145 Eggers Hall, 315-443-2211.

    o If you are a new TA/GA/RA, grader, or employed by the History Department in any capacity, you are required to attend the mandatory Basic Hazard Communication and Sexual Harassment training sessions. The TA Program and Human Resources will be posting their training sessions in the near future.

    o It is highly recommended and encouraged that all new students attend the New Teaching Assistant Orientation Program. The TA Program will be sending this information directly to you.

    o If you plan on parking on campus, please visit Parking Services, 621 Skytop Road, Suite 190, South Campus, to obtain a parking permit.

    o If you are assigned a grad bay you will receive a key. Should you lose your assigned key, a replacement key will cost $15.00.

    o A mailbox slot is assigned to you. Graduate Student mailboxes are located in the copy room of the History Department Office and they are arranged alphabetically.

  • First Day of Classes – Monday, August 29, 2021
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