Both Ektron and Sitefinity use the term "Libraries" for the location where images and files (i.e. PDFs) are stored.  Unlike Ektron, we have decided not to segregate our library top-level content by "unit".  Instead, we will be storing library content in folders based on what the image or file will be used for.  In some instances such as the document "Research" library, we have created sub-libraries for specific units (i.e. CPR, E-PARCC, etc.).  

Examples of image libraries include:

  • Book Covers
  • News
  • People Headshots
  • Spotlights

Examples of document libraries include:

  • Research
  • CVs

The internal search in Sitefinity is extremely effective!  Users are encouraged to carefully name files and images that are uploaded so using search can continue to be an effective method of finding content.    The Sitefinity Library presents itself both when editing content that uses these library assets (images or files) as well as directly, outside of the content editing process.

Direct Library Access

From the Dashboard, the Library locations can be found under the "Content" menu:

Sitefinity library menu

Example of library view

You can change from the "Thumbs" view in the screenshot above to other views such as "List" or "Timeline" by clicking the gear icon near the top-right of the page:

Timeline view

Library Access when Editing Content

Items can be changed or added to a library while editing content.  In this people listing below you can see an existing photo.   Below the photo is a pencil icon which can be used to access the image library.  Make note of instructions on what size images should be resized to before being uploaded are also. 

Example of photo library in the context of editing a person listing

The resulting window allows you to select an image from a recent list of uploaded images (current view in screenshot below), access other libraries or upload a new image (icon to the right of the search bar).

Example of images in a library

Document Library Similarities

Using a blank faculty CV field as an example, you can see that the process for adding a new CV to the library is similar.  In this case you see a "+" icon instead of a pencil icon since the field is empty.

Adding new document (CV) to library

After clicking the "+" icon, you are presented with a list of recently uploaded documents and links to "Show all documents" and to also "Upload a document".  

Next step for adding a CV to the library

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