Made possible through the generosity of Joan de Sardon-Glass, a Syracuse alumna and the daughter of Peruvian nationals, John and Mabel de Sardon and Joan de Sardon-Glass Assistantships was set-up to support nationals of Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, and other Andean-region countries who wish to pursue professional degrees in the Maxwell School and then to return to public service in their home countries.  The program is especially oriented toward those professionals pursuing a MA degree through Maxwell’s Public Administration, International Relations, or Executive Education departments.  Occasionally students pursuing a terminal Masters degree in other social science programs at Maxwell are considered for the award as well.  

The de Sardon-Glass program typically provides academic tuition and/or a stipend to cover living expenses while in Syracuse.  However, we strongly encourage applications from those individuals who have received other awards or whose workplace financially supports graduate work, and who need only complementary support.

As part of their award responsibilities, de Sardon-Glass assistants are required to participate in one or more of the Institute’s research programs while they are in Syracuse.

There is no separate application process for the de Sardon-Glass Assistantship.  Applicants need only to apply to the professional degree program at Maxwell of their choice, indicating that they wish to be considered for a de Sardon-Glass Assistantship under the section titled “Finances” in the standard graduate study application form.  Graduate chairs then nominate those students accepted into their program that they would like to have considered for funding.  A separate selection committee at the Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs makes a final determination of awards.

Visit the Public Administration and International Affairs Department website to learn more about the Maxwell School’s professional degree programs.

For more information about the de Sardon Glass program contact:

Juanita Horan
Associate Director, Moynihan Institute
Maxwell School of Syracuse University  

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