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Provides editing tips, conventions and practices. View this page before adding, modifying and removing content on Answers.

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Topic Overview

This page highlights the editing policies of Answers. Although Answers is a wiki, ITS-AASC has the responsibility to manage its content.

A Moderator has the access rights to change pages at their discretion without consent from the author, editors or contributors at any time, if the page does not follow or meet SU or Answers guidelines and policies.


  1. This wiki will be used by many. Please ensure, to the best of your ability, that the content you are adding/modifying/removing is relevant to the topic and is accurate.
  2. Everyone is encouraged to add information to Answers, either by creating new topics or by adding information to existing pages. If you are adding information from other websites, please include its link under a Sources and Relevant Links header. This must be done even if you are citing from a page within Answers itself.
  3. ALWAYS use a template to create a new page. If you can't find a suitable template, email the administrator with your suggestions and it will be taken into consideration.
  4. You must not edit the outline provided in the template after applying it to your page. You can add extra headings if needed.
  5. Instead of removing content, try editing it. If you can, fix grammatical and semantical errors or request a relocation of a page using the Add->Add Review in the top toolbar.
  6. Provide screen-shots wherever possible.
  7. Image files should preferably be of type .PNG or .JPG, if available. .BMP pictures tend to be large in size and can be converted using popular image editing software (Paint, Photoshop etc).
  8. ALWAYS attach image files to pages as thumbnails. You can read the full notation guide if you need help in doing so.
  9. If you want to add labels, please follow the guidelines.
  10. You should not add restrictions to a page. If, for some reason, you need to lock a page down, notify the admin through Add -> Add Review -> Restrictions(drop down).
  11. The following macros are required on every page of 'Answers' for this wiki to work correctly:
    • {anchor:top} Should be the very first line of every page.
    • {excerpt}
    • {its-toc} table of contents macro.
    • {its-deck} On parent pages the {its-deck-parent} macro should be used.
    • [#top] Should be the last line of the page.
  12. Adding offensive/malicious material (even to personal spaces) will not be tolerated.
Unknown macro: {its-deck-category}


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