Venue:  Zoom
Day:      Monday
Time:    3:45--5:15 p.m.

Note: Any change to the venue, day, or time will be indicated with the date of the event. 

Spring 2022

DateSpeaker and InstitutionTitle
March 21stJohn McLaren
(University of Virginia)
"Family and demographic effects in worker response to trade shocks: Results from the matched CPS"
March 28thMary Amiti
(Federal Reserve Bank of New York)

“U.S. Market Concentration and Import Competition”

April 4thKarthik Muralidharan
(University of California San Diego)
“General Equilibrium Effects of (Improving) Public Employment Programs: Experimental Evidence from India”
April 18thSharat Ganapati
(Georgetown University)
“Urban Welfare: Tourism in Barcelona”
April 25thJulieta Caunedo
(Cornell University)
May 2ndBai Xue
(Brock University)

Fall 2021

DateSpeaker and InstitutionTitle

 September 27th

Priyaranjan Jha


"Monopsonistic Labor Markets and International Trade"

 October 4th

Meredith Startz


"Cutting Out the Middleman: The Structure of Chains of Intermediation"

October 11th 

Peter Morrow

(University of Toronto) 

"Long Run Labo(u)r Market Effects of the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement"

October 21st


Walter Steingress

(Bank of Canada)

The impact of immigration on local tax revenues and public expenditures in the United States

November 1st

Amit Khandelwal

(Columbia University)

"Language Barriers in Multinationals and Knowledge Transfers" 

November 15th 

Yuhei Miyauchi

(Boston University)

 November 29th

Jie Bai

(Harvard Kennedy School) 

 "Search and Information Frictions on Global E-Commerce Platforms: Evidence from AliExpress"
 December 6th

Swapnika Rachapali

(University of British Columbia - visiting Princeton) 


Spring 2021

DateSpeaker and InstitutionTitle

 February 19

Gene Grossman (with Elhana Helpman, Harvard)


"When Tariffs Disrupt Supply Chains"

 March 8

Francesco Trebbi (with Nathan Canen and Chad Kendall)

(UC Berkeley) 

"Political Parties as Drivers of Polarization: 1927-2018"

 April 12

Nitya Pandalai Nayar

(University of Texas-Austin) 

April 26

Hale Utar

(Grinnell College)

May 3

Claudio Ferraz

(University of British Columbia)

 May 10

Meredith Startz

(Dartmouth College)

Fall 2020

Fall 2020

DateSpeaker and InstitutionTitle

 September 21

Ahmad Lashkaripour

(Indiana University-Bloomington)

 October 26

Paola Conconi

(ECARES, Université Libre de Bruxelles) 

 November 2

David Kuenzel

(Wesleyan University) 

November 9

Eric Verhoogen

(Columbia University)

November 13

Gene Grossman

(Princeton University)

 November 16

Giovanni Maggi

(Yale University)

November 23

Mostafa Beshkar

(Indiana University-Bloomington)

Spring 2020

Spring 2020

Date  Speaker and Institution  Title  
February 24

Brian McCaig

(Wilfrid Laurier University)

"Export Markets and Long-Run Industry Adjustment: State, Private and Foreign Firms in Vietnam"

March 2

Svetlana Demidova

(McMaster University) 

March 9

Beyza Ural-Marchand

(University of Alberta)

"Employment Adjustments to Increased Imports: Evidence from a Developing Country" 

Fall 2019

Fall 2019

Date  Speaker and Institution  Title  
September 16

Halis Murat Yildiz

(Ryerson University)

"Tariff Bindings and the Dynamic Formation of Preferential Trade Agreements " 

September 30

Andrey Stoyanov

(York University)

"China’s One Child Policy and International Trade: The
Effect of Distorted Sex Ratios on Comparative Advantage"

October 21

Rishi Sharma

(Colgate University)

"Exempted Sectors in Free Trade Agreements" 

 October 28

Nathan Canen

(University of Houston) 

                                                                     "How Campaign Ads Stimulate Political Interest"                                                                                                      

 November 11

Ozlem Tonguc


                                                                                         "Buying Access to Influence" 

Spring 2019

Spring 2019

Date  Speaker and Institution  Title  
March 4

Peter Morrow

(University of Toronto)

"Is Processing Good?: Theory & Evidence from China"

(joint with Loren Brandt and Bingjing Li)

April 1

Costas Arkolakis

(Yale University) 

"European Immigrants and the United States’ Rise to the Technological Frontier”

(joint with Sun Lee and Michael Peters)

April 8

Pian Shu

(Georgia Tech)

“Talent Allocation and Long-Term Innovation: Evidence from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology”

Fall 2018

Fall 2018

Date  Speaker and Institution  Title  
September 24

Nathan Nunn

(Harvard University)

Understanding Cultural Persistence and Change
October 8

Yoto Yotov

(Drexel University)

 November 12

Michael Gechter

(Pennsylvania State University)

“The Welfare Consequences of Formalizing Developing Country Cities: Evidence from the Mumbai Mills Redevelopment"

(joint with Nick Tsivanidis) 

 November 26

James Lake

(Southern Methodist University)

 December 3

George Alessandria

(University of Rochester) 


Spring 2018

Spring 2018

Date  Speaker and Institution  Title  
February 26 David Chor
(National University of Singapore) 
"Just Do Your Job": Obedience, Routine Tasks, and the Pattern of Specialization
(co-authored with Filipe R. Campante) 
March 5  Ibrahim Gunay
(SUNY Albany)  
"International Trade and Political Independence: Evidence from Catalonia"
April 9  Matilde Bombardini
(University of British Columbia) 
April 23  Pravin Krishna
(Johns Hopkins University) 
April 30  Dave Donaldson

Fall 2017

Fall 2017

Date  Speaker and Institution  Title  
October 23
112 Eggers Hall   
Yang Liang
(Syracuse University)  
“Job Creation and Job Destruction: The Effect of Trade Shocks on U.S. Manufacturing Employment”  
October 30 Dan Lu
(University of Rochester)  
“Do Financial Frictions Explain Chinese Firms’ Saving and Misallocation?”  
November 6  Erhan Artuc
(World Bank)  
“Patterns of Labor Market Adjustment to Trade Shocks 
with Imperfect Capital Mobility” 
(co-authored with Irene Brambilla and Guido Porto) 
November 27  Kevin Lim
(University of Toronto) 
“Escaping the Competition: 
The Impact of China's Exports on Chinese and Global Innovation”
(co-authored with Daniel Trefler and Miaojie Yu) 

Spring 2017

Spring 2017

Date  Speaker and Institution Title  
January 30 Cheryl Long
(Xiamen University, China & Colgate University)    
“China's Patent Promotion Policies and their Quality Implications.”     
March 6 
Strasser Legacy Room,
220 Eggers Hall 
4:30-6:00 p.m.  
Matthew Kahn
(University of Southern California)  
“Blue Skies Over Beijing: Economic Growth and the Environment”   
April 3 John McLaren
(University of Virginia) 
“A Swing-State Theorem, with Evidence.”   
April 10 Diego Restuccia
(University of Toronto)  
“Land Markets, Resource Allocation, and Agricultural Productivity” 
(co-authored with Chaoran Chen and Raul Santaeulalia-LLopis)    
April 17 Hong Ma
(Tsinghua University, China)  
“Trade Policy Uncertainty and Innovation: 
Firm Level Evidence from China's WTO Accession” 
(co-authored with Qing Liu) 
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