Creative artists of Cuban citizenship or direct lineage

Fellowship in Visual Arts 


5/1/24 DLD

Fellowship in Visual Arts 


Cintas Foundation

Funder Type

Private Foundation or Non-Profit



NOTICE TO APPLICANTS:  The award ($20,000 US) is considered taxable income under US tax law and the Foundation will withhold appropriate US taxes. Fellows who are not U.S. citizens and who are living abroad must provide a U.S. taxpayer identification number when they accept the fellowship to receive payment.

Applicant Type

Individuals: Early Career and Emerging in Field
Minority only



Activity Location

United States


Visual Arts may include painting, sculpture, installation art, photography, video, and the media arts. Media arts encompasses narrative, non-narrative, documentary, animation, or experimental time-based works using audio, digital, film and/or video media; also included is computer art in which the computer is an essential element of the work's creation, presentation or understanding.

Artists may submit a maximum of 10 digital images. The panel WILL NOT consider work samples that exceed the maximum. Images submitted without a detailed image list will not be considered. Installation work may be accompanied by a video.


  • Sculpture and Installation Art
  • Photography
  • Film
  • Media Arts


Creative artists of Cuban citizenship or direct lineage (having a Cuban parent or grandparent). Performing artists are not eligible to apply for CINTAS Fellowships. CINTAS Fellowships can only be awarded a maximum of 2 times to an individual.

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