Ultra Course View Sandbox + Orientation Resources

Request Ultra Courses

Instructors are encouraged to begin using ultra courses as soon as they like. Past courses will remain in their existing format and content can be copied from the old view to ultra. You can request that one or all of your courses be created in the new view.

Ultra Sandbox

An Ultra Sandbox is a private, blank course shell in the Ultra course view. You can use your sandbox to explore and get comfortable with the new interface, and to import, edit, and export materials to/from any of your other Blackboard courses. We highly recommend using your sandbox to copy modules, folders, and other content from your original view courses, update your content as necessary to work smoothly in Ultra view, and then copy updated items into your live courses after they have been tested and are ready to deploy in Ultra. A single sandbox is sufficient for most use cases and can serve as a centralized workspace for maintaining copies of all of your Blackboard course content. If necessary, additional sandboxes can be created upon request. 

Orientation Course Description

The Ultra Course View Orientation is delivered as an asynchronous course built in Ultra course view. The orientation is designed to (1) introduce instructors to the new view from the student perspective and (2) to deliver a guided tour of how to get started with designing your own course in Ultra. Signing up for a Sandbox also gives you access to the orientation course. 

Click below to request your Ultra sandbox and enroll in the Ultra orientation course.

Sandbox + Orientation Sign Up