Bloomberg and Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) Signup Instructions

Bloomberg Terminals

There are 11 Bloomberg terminals in the Ballentine Investment Institute: 7 in the back row of the classroom (110A) and 4 in the resource room (110B). The terminals can be identified by their colorful Bloomberg keyboards.

HINT: The Bloomberg key between the <Ctrl> and green <Alt/Badges> keys at the bottom left of the keyboard acts like the Windows key on a normal keyboard.

The terminals are available to anyone with an active SU account on a first-come, first-served basis. Ballentine is open during normal business hours (see sign by suite door for current schedule).

Terminals in the classroom may only be used when classes and other scheduled events are not in progress. If the classroom door is closed, please check the signage before entering to see if the room is currently occupied.

Terminals in the resource room may be used whenever Ballentine is open; the room is not usually used for reserved events.

Creating a Bloomberg Terminal Login

  1. Log in to a Bloomberg terminal using your SU account.
  2. Double-click the green Bloomberg shortcut in the top left corner of your monitor (or primary monitor on dual monitor setups).

    TIP: The Bloomberg program takes about 15 seconds to open. If the blue "loading" circle next to your cursor starts spinning, wait a few moments before assuming the program has not started.
  3. A Bloomberg window ("panel") will open. Press the green <Enter/GO> key or click on the blue "<Enter> or <GO> to begin" text.
  4. The login screen will open. If you wish to change the language used, select your preference. This instruction sheet assumes no change to the default of English. Click on the blue "Create a New Login".
  5. The Login Creation screen will open. Select the radio button indicating you are creating this login for yourself. A second question will appear asking if you have been a Bloomberg Terminal user before. This can allow for transfer of certain preferences from a prior login. Select the radio button next to "No" unless you wish to explore that option. Click on "1) Next >>".
  6. On the User Information step:
    1. User details: Enter your first and last name; the system will create a login name for you. You may try to change your login name, but the system will change it back if that name is already in use by another Bloomberg user.
      TIP: Record your login name. It is often similar to, but different from, your SU net ID, making it easy to forget. Login names can be retrieved if forgotten, but only with a call from a Bloomberg customer service agent.
    2. Contact information:
      1. Use any personal phone number for the company and mobile phone fields. You must fill out both phone fields but you may use the same number for both. International numbers may be entered by selecting the correct country from the drop-down menus to the right of "United States".
      2. Use your SU email address for the "Company Email" field.
    3. Bloomberg profile: Leave this section blank.
    4. Click on "1) Next >>".
      TIP: After finishing your email address, the "1) Next >>" button may still be greyed out. The Bloomberg system will not recognize a field has been filled out until you move to another field or hit the green <Enter/GO> key.
  7. On the Security step:
    1. Select the radio button next your preferred delivery method for your account verification code. Click on "1) Next >>".
    2. The screen will advance. Enter your verification code. Click on "1) Next >>".

      TIP: Press the <Enter/GO> key to activate the "1) Next >>" button.
    3. The screen will advance. Create a password that meets at least 3 of the 4 criteria listed. Click on "1) Next >>".

      TIP: Checkmarks will appear next to each criterion as it is met. There is frequently a lag before the checkmarks appear. Pause for a moment if you know you met a condition but the list does not yet show it.
      TIP: Record your password. There is a password retrieval option on the login screen.
  8. The Login Creation Confirmation screen will open. Click on "1) Log in Now".

    Upon successful creation of your account you will receive an email from a Bloomberg representative ( with the subject "Welcome to Bloomberg". It contains a few essential functions to get you started.
  9. The login screen from Step 4 will re-open. Enter your login name and password and click on "Login". Once you are logged in, multiple windows will open: 2 Bloomberg panels, a Launchpad, and an IB Manager. At the top of each Bloomberg panel is a wide box outlined in blue. This is your command line for entering instructions. As you type, prompts will appear based on what has been entered.

    A new user welcome window will also open.

    TIP: Until you have used the system for a while, it is unlikely you will know what you want to customize. For now, leaving the checkbox blank and clicking "No" is recommended.

Creating a BMC Course Login

To access the BMC course, you must be logged in to the Bloomberg program on one of the terminals. Once you have signed up for BMC, you will have one calendar year to complete the course.

  1. After logging in to the Bloomberg program, go to one of the Bloomberg panels. Click on the command line box to activate it and show your cursor.
  2. Type "BMC" for Bloomberg Market Concepts. Press the <Enter/GO> key or click on "Bloomberg Market Concepts".
  3. The BMC window will open. Click on "6) Sign Up".
  4. When the "Professor Sign Up" window pops up, click on "Continue as Learner".
  5. On the sign-up screen:
    1. Enter your first name and last name.
    2. Enter your SU email address.
      TIP: This email is your user name for BMC not the login name that Bloomberg created for your main account. When you log in to BMC, use the email, not the Bloomberg login name.
    3. Enter a password.
      TIP: This password may be the same as the one you used for your Bloomberg account. Record your password. There is a password retrieval option on the BMC login screen.
    4. Leave the checkbox by "Are you taking BMC as part of a group" unchecked.
    5. Read the terms of service and click on the checkbox signifying that you have read and agree to them.
    6. Leave the box by "Keep me updated…" unchecked unless you would like to receive the listed information.
    7. Click on "1) Sign Up".
  6. A web browser window will open to the BMC page. Underneath the top menu will be a red banner stating that you must activate your account.
  7. Open your SU email. By now you will have received 3 messages from Bloomberg for Education:
    1. "Bloomberg for Education: Access BMC from Home" :This is an ad. You may pay $149 to access the BMC course online from any computer. This is in addition to your free access to the course from the terminals here in Whitman.
    2. "Bloomberg for Education: BMC Terminal Sign Up": This informs you that you have signed up for BMC. If you forget which email address you used for your BMC account, you can look here.
    3. "Confirmation instructions": Open this message and click on the "Activate my account" link.
  8. Return to the browser window for Bloomberg for Education. Select "Certificates" from the top menu and click the "Learn More" button on the BMC tile.
  9. The BMC course page will open. The blue ribbon icon indicates which modules you must complete to earn the certification. Click on a course to begin.
  10. When you are done with your BMC session, log out using the account control menu in the top right corner of your browser.

Reminders and More Tips

  • Be patient when you open the Bloomberg program; it takes a bit longer to load than most programs.
  • Use the login name created by Bloomberg to sign into the Bloomberg program, not your SU net ID. If you forget your login name, select "Forgot Login Name or Password?" on the login screen and a Bloomberg service representative will call the phone number in your account to assist you.
  • When re-starting BMC: Skip down to "7) Login" and use your SU email address to log in, not your Bloomberg user name.
  • Headphone jacks are on your computer and the back of the Bloomberg keyboard. Check the audio output in your taskbar if you are having difficulty adjusting the volume. Please use headphones when others are present in the room.
  • When you are done working with the Bloomberg program, select "Log Off & Exit" from the Options menu on any Bloomberg panel. This will close the many windows the program has opened and shut down the program properly.
  • If you have not signed in to the Bloomberg program in over 30 days, you will receive an automated email with the subject "Bloomberg Login Reminder / Bloomberg Login Inactivity". If you are unable to log in before the deactivation due to inactivity date in the message, your account can be reactivated whenever you next use the program.

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