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Educational Technologies Advisory Council 
Date TBA
Time TBA
Zoom (Please see Outlook Invite for Details)

Members: TBA


Co-chairs: Jenny Gluck and TBA

Minutes: Christian Jones


  1. Welcome & announcements 

  2. Storage Retention
    1. How many years of course materials to leave on active vs archived systems?
      1. Blackboard, Kaltura (4-year active life)
  3. Summer Institute 
    1. Highlights of Summer 2022
  4. Technology updates
    1. Teaching and Learning Tools
      1. Blackboard Ultra Courses (Now live - interest in early adoption/migration?)
        1. Training
      2. Class for Zoom 
      3. Playposit - renewed license
      4. Turning Point / Turning Point Solutions
    2. Classrooms
      1. Changes to Whitman
  5. Additional / Future discussion items

    1. Academic Strategic Plan (late Fall)

Next Meeting:  TBA

*While the above will generally represent a standing agenda for the summer meetings, please contact Christian Jones ( if there are additional topics that you would like to have added to the discussion. Thank you!

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