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ESP Required and Elective Courses

A comprehensive list of undergraduate courses for the Environment, Sustainability, and Policy ILM is provided below. View the list of Spring 2023 Courses.

Visit the online Course Catalog for course descriptions.


Basic Requirements (9 credits):

Environmental Sciences Course (3 credits):

EAR 203: Earth System Science

EAR 105: Earth Science

BIO 345: Ecology and Evolution

GEO 215: Global Environmental Change

GEO 155: The Natural Environment

Environmental Studies and Humanities Course (3 credits):

GEO 103: Environment and Society

REL 253: Religion, Spirituality, and Nature

PSC 202: Introduction to Political Analysis

ECN 203: Economic Ideas and Issues

Data Analysis Course (3 credits):

CIS 321: Introduction to Probability and Statistics

EAR 402: Numerical Methods in Geosciences

EAR 410: Applications of GIS in the Earth Sciences

ECN 422: Introduction to Statistics and Econometrics

ECN 521: Economic Statistics

GEO 383: Geographic Information Systems

GEO 386: Quantitative Geographic Analysis

MAS 261: Introductory Statistics for Management

MAT 221: Elementary Probability and Statistics I

MAT 521: Introduction to Probability

MAX 201: Quantitative Methods for the Social Sciences

MFE 326: Probability and Statistical Methods for Engineers

SOC 319: Qualitative Methods in Sociology

Advanced Coursework and Focused Studies (18 credits):


Science-Policy Integration Course (3 credits):

GEO 360: Sustainability Science and Policy

PSC 360: Sustainability Science and Policy

GEO 434: Pursuing Sustainability Policy

PSC 434: Pursuing Sustainability Policy

GEO 356: Environmental Ideas and Policy

PSC 302: Environmental Politics and Policy

PSC 318: Technology, Politics, and Environment

Senior Capstone Seminar (3 credits):

ESP 410: Environment, Sustainability and Policy Capstone Seminar    

Electives: 4 courses, totaling 12 credits

Two electives must be environmental sciences courses, and two electives must be environmental studies or humanities courses.

Environmental Science Courses:

BIO 312: Marine Ecology of the Mediterranean Sea and North Africa

BIO 405: Introduction to Field Biology Laboratory

BIO 415: Conservation Biology

BIO 428: Seminar in Environmental Science

BIO 459: Plants & People

CEN 461: Environmental Chemistry and Analysis

CEN 472: Applied Env Microbiology

CHE 335: Chemical & Biochemical Analy. with Lab.

CHE 347: Physical-Analytical Chem Lab

CEE 274: Sustainability in Civil & Environ. Systems

CEE 341: Introduction to Environmental Engineering

CEE 457: Biogeochemistry

CEE 463: Introduction to Sustainable Engineering

CEE 471: Environmental Chemistry and Analysis

CEE 472: Applied Env Microbiology

EAR 205: Water and Our Environment

EAR 305: Earth Science of Energy

EAR 401: Hydrogeology

EAR 403: Geomorphology

EAR 405: Global Change: Geologic Record

EAR 407: Climate Change and Human Origins

EAR 417: Geochemistry

EAR 419: Environmental Aqueous Geochemistry

EAR 420: Contaminant Hydrogeology

ECS 354: Green Technology and Sustainability

FST 202: Agroecology

GEO 314: Hazardous Geographic Environments

GEO 316: River Environments

GEO 317: Geography of Mountain Environments

GEO 319: Cold Environments

GEO 326: The Geography of Climate and Weather

GEO 327: Geography of Coastal Environments

GEO 455: Biogeography

PHP 303: Environmental Health

Environmental Studies/Humanities Courses:

ANT 439: Climate Change and Human Origins

ANT 445: Public Policy and Archaeology

ANT 459: Contemp. Native North American Issues

ANT 469: Medical ANT in Ecological Perspective

CRS 360: Comm. & Rhet. Studies in Perspective

CRS 377: Communication, Nature & Sustainability

DES 114: Design, Cultural Traditions & the Env.

DES 248: Design Issues

ECN 437: Environmental and Resource Economics

EDI 252: Environmental Design II

EDI 353: Environmental Factors

EEE 450: Sustainable Enterprise

ENG 310: Topics in Literary Periods

FST 303: Food Movements

FST 307: Feeding the World: Global Agri-Food Gov.

FST 309: Philosophy & Practice of Locavorism

FST 402: Feeding the City: Urban Food Systems

FST 403: Human Right to Adequate Food & Nutrit.

GEO 340: Geography of Oil

GEO 347: Art & Env. in Amer. Culture Since 1800

GEO 353: Geographies of Environmental Justice

GEO 354: Amer. Environmental Hist. & Geography

GEO 358: Animals and Society

GEO 374: Env. & Development in the Global South

GEO 415: Food: A Critical Geography

GEO 422: Water: Environment, Society and Politics

GEO 426: Env. Change in the Anthropocene

GEO 430: Energy, History and Society

GEO 478: Spatial Storytelling

GEO 537: Env. Policy in a Development Context

HNR 350: Topics in the Nat. Sci. & Math. Honors

HOA 482: Art & Env. in Amer. Culture Since 1800

HST 384: Amer. Env. History and Geography

IND 476: Industrial Design: Env. Practicum

IND 577: Industrial Design: Philosophy and Ethics

LAS 537: Env. Policy in a Development Context

NAT 445: Public Policy and Archaeology

NSD 555: Food, Culture and Environment

PST 451: Environmental Policy

PHI 394: Environmental Ethics

PSC 462: Globalization Development and Env.

REL 244: Indigenous Religions

REL 395: Religions and the Natural Environment

SCM 477: Global Supply Chain Management

TRM 511: Art & Environment: Animals

TRM 512: Art & Environment: Food

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