In case of freezer failures, PI's needing to defrost their freezers or for storing packages not picked up in time, the department has multiple freezers available.  Below outlines the process for how these freezers should be utilized.


There are three Departmental backup -80 Freezers located in the research wing of Life Sciences. They are for use in Emergencies and for short-term use while defrosting other freezers.  The freezers are to be kept locked at all times and keys will be available to individuals that have access to the mailroom.   They are on a green clipboard in a black mail sorter adjacent to the hallway mailroom door.  Please fill in the information on the key sign out form when utilizing a key.

-Freezer A   located in room 239    Thermo

-Freezer B   located in room 331     Forma

-Freezer C   located in room 431      New Brunswick

Please make sure that if you store anything in these freezers temporarily – while fixing a broken freezer or defrosting a freezer – that you let the manager (biolabprep@syr.edu) know when you put things in them and when you then remove them. Please also make sure that they are clearly labelled with your lab name.

We always need to leave at least one shelf free in Freezer A (the second floor -80) for deliveries that are not picked up and teaching supplies

If anyone has space in their -80 that they are willing for others to use – either in emergency or more long-term – please can you let the Chair know. Sometimes new hires / others need a small amount of -80 space – and it would be great if we could be efficient with this rather than potentially having extra -80s that are not full.

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