Downloadable LAW HR Payroll Procedure [PDF]


This document describes the College of Law (the College) human resource and payroll procedures.

Procedures detailed herein are supplementary to those established by Syracuse University (SU) and published on the relevant University web site or other medium, including but not limited to the  and web sites.

The intended audience for this document is the faculty and staff of the College.






Jennifer L. Uryniak

Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration


Maria Czaplicki

Budget Manager


Jacqueline Radell

Budget and Operations Coordinator


Abbey MaringBusiness Support 


General Office Email – questions and expenses for processing


The College of Law is located in Dineen Hall Suite 400.  The office operates according to the University's published hours for administrative offices: Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm during the academic year, Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm during the summer, and is closed for holidays as published by the University's Office of Human Resources.


When there is a need to hire a permanent staff member, the hiring manager should complete or update the Position Evaluation Request (PER) and submit to the Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration. The PER template and/or the most recent PER for an existing position may be requested from the Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration.

The completed PER form will be submitted to the central HR Compensation team for their review and grading of the position. HR Compensation will forward the request to the central Office of Budget & Planning for review, and then to the Provost & Syracuse University Director of Budget & Planning for approval. Once approved, the hiring manager will work directly with the central HR Talent Acquisition team to fill the position.

An I-9 form and background check MUST be completed through the central Human Resources office before the employee can begin working.


A temporary employee may be requested for positions that work on an as-needed basis (i.e. casual temporaries such as models and accompanists), or the position is expected to last for a short, pre- established period of time (i.e. interim until a permanent position is filled). Temporary employees are both non-student and non-SU student employees. The first step in hiring a temporary employee reach out to the Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration.

Once the request is approved the request, LAW Budget will work with HR Talent Acquisition and the Department to fill the position.

An I-9 form and background check MUST be completed through the central Human Resources office before the employee can begin working.


Student employment is reserved for SU students only, and hire requests typically fall into 3 categories:

  1. Faculty Student Assistants (FSA)
    1. See annual Faculty Student Assistant or LCRA memo for details.
  2. Department Work Study
    1. As outlined in department operating budget, allocation is approved annually.
    2. Department to complete hire sheet (email if a template is needed).
  3. Sponsored Student Assistant
    1. As outlined in sponsored award budget.
    2. Department to complete hire sheet (email if a template is needed).

To submit a hire request for a student employee, email with the following information.

  • Student’s SUID
  • Student’s Name
  • Position description (ex. is this FSA or work study)
  • Preferred start and end date (the actual start date will depend on I-9 and HR)
  • Indicate if this is a JDr, JDi or undergrad (only for work study positions)

The request will be reviewed by the LAW Budget Manager before processing.

It is strongly encouraged to hire SU students that have Federal Work Study (FWS) funds available. If you need to verify FWS, please email or call (315) 443-4113.

Once the request is approved the request, LAW Budget & Operations will work with HR to submit the smarthire request to fill the position.

An I-9 form and background check MUST be completed through the central Human Resources office before the employee can begin working. To initiate this process, the request to hire must be submitted to by the supervisor.



The SUID is a nine-digit number unique to each employee and is imprinted on the physical Syracuse University identification card. SUIDs for new hires are created by central Human Resources on receipt of a completed Personal Identification Form (PIF). Visit the Housing, Meal, and ID Card Service Center located on Main Campus at 111 Waverly Ave, Suite 111, Syracuse, NY 13244. Provide your SUID or Social Security Number AND a picture identification such as a valid driver’s license or passport. You may be asked to provide a copy of your signed offer letter as well. Your picture will be taken, and your identification card provided to you.


The Immigration Reform and Control Act requires all U.S. employers to verify the identity and employment eligibility of all new employees, citizens, and non-citizens alike. All employees must complete an I-9 on their first day, or prior to their first day scheduled to work. The I-9 form is completed at the central Human Resources offices located at either 210 Steele Hall (on campus) or the 621 Skytop office building (south campus). A list of necessary documents needed to complete the I-9 can be found at

New student hires will receive an email with a unique link from LawLogix/Guardian to complete the Form I-9 remotely.


The NetID is an alphanumeric string composed of elements from the employee or student’s full name.

NetIDs are created once the SUID is assigned. New employees will be sent confirmation of SUID and instructions for activating NetID. Each employee or sponsored affiliate is responsible for activation of their NetID on the ITS Self-Service web site. Once the NetID is activated, resources such as email, MySlice access, and network home storage are provisioned.

Each user has an associated University email address of the form <NetID> Email for faculty and staff addressed to the official email address is delivered to a University provided Microsoft Exchange mailbox. Email addressed to students is delivered to a Microsoft Office 365 SUmail mailbox.

As per University policy, NetID passwords must be changed annually and may not be shared.  For more information on university policies governing computer accounts, please refer to the SU Policies web site.


  1. You will receive an email from central Human Resources alerting you to log into MySlice using your NetID and password.
  2. Locate “Employee Services” in the center column.  Under the “HR/Payroll” heading, click the ink “View My Pay Notice.”
  3. Follow the instructions to maneuver through the pay notice and acknowledgement process.
  4. Pay Notices must be acknowledged in a timely manner.


Visit the Parking and Transit Services office located on South Campus at 621 Skytop Road, Suite 190- 09 to secure an on-campus parking pass.  Please bring your signed offer letter if one has been provided to you. A parking services coordinator will discuss available parking options with you. Also bring your vehicle information:  make, model, year, and color, along with your license plate number. In order to park on campus, you must purchase an appropriate parking pass. Parking and Transit Services will issue a ticket to any vehicle that does not display the appropriate parking pass.


  1. Log into MySlice using your NetID and password.
  2. Locate “Employee Services” in the center column. Under the “Tax Withholding” heading, click the link View/Update My Federal Tax.”
  3. Complete and submit.
  4. Click the link in the upper left corner “View/Update My NY State Tax.”
  5. Complete and submit.
  6. If you are working within New York City, click the link “View/Update My NYC Tax.”
  7. Complete and submit.
    1. Worksheets are provided on MySlice to assist you with completing these forms. If you have questions, please contact the central HR Service Center at either (315) 443-4042 ext 1 or


  1. Log into MySlice using your NetID and password.
  2. Locate “Employee Services” in the center column. Under the “Employee Self Service” heading, click the Payroll tile. A menu will appear on the left; click on Direct Deposit.
  3. Add your bank account details.
  4. This will allow you to choose to have both your pay and any reimbursements direct deposited to your bank account.

If you have any questions, please contact the Payroll Service Center at 315-443-4042 or


LAW utilizes MySlice for all non-exempt employees (including temporary employees) to track their time worked. To record time, log in to MySlice and click on the "Human Resources and Payroll Services" box under Employee Services. Click on Time, record actual hours worked and submit.

Student employees must clock in and out through Time Clock Plus, instructions are provided upon hire. If there is an error with TCP, student is instruction to email and supervisor to resolve.

Supervisors must approve all time entry by 12:00 p.m. Thursdays.

ALL overtime will require PRIOR approval from the Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration.  This includes positions that are normally scheduled to work 37.5 hours/week but will need to work above their standard hours.

If you experience problems with submitting time, please email explaining your issue and providing screenshots if possible. Please make sure to include the dates and position to be reviewed.


Exempt staff should request time off with direct supervisor.  Approved time off should then be recorded on timesheet in MySlice and approved by supervisor in a timely manner.


When a department needs to pay an employee (faculty, staff or student) for extra service beyond the scope of their regular appointment, they must submit an Additional Pay Request to the Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration. 

If the additional pay is for prior hours worked that were not submitted through Time Clock Plus, please email details to


Web sites for further information.

Syracuse University Policies

Syracuse University Human Resources

Syracuse University Payroll

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